140: How to Make a Blog Content Editorial Calendar

Just like your life has a calendar, your blog should too.

I have a really exciting topic for us today. It’s going to be how to make a blog content editorial calendar and it’s importance.

Writing a schedule can help you publish new content on your blog or a podcast on a given day at a set time. It will keep you from scrambling to find new topics and help you focus your energy on projects that matter most AKA your writing clients.

I’ve talked about editorial calendars in the past on the podcast but today we’re going to touch on tips for creating a successful calendar.

Let’s rewind real quick – editorial calendar is a way we can stay on target with our content and or your clients content strategy, you do this by plugging it into your blood. Plugging ideas into a calendar and planning it out. Just like your life has a calendar, your blog should too.

If I am looking at my month ahead and I see that my kids have practiced these days. I need to go to the gym, etc. and it’s all on the calendar. In this case, I’m not surprised when the day comes and I have this going on, the same thing with your blog.

You don’t want to forget that you should be published on Wednesdays and it’s Wednesday and you have nothing and then you scramble to create more content and you’re rushed

How many posts should you do

If you’re new to blogging, you might want to start small. According to the latest research, you should post 11 times a month on a blog, which might be a little much for you when you’re just starting your business, but don’t worry you can still make progress. Even if you’re not posting as often. First, you need to plan out that your blog content should at least be a thousand words per blog post.

Think of the strategy for your clients. If you don’t currently have a blog, you can start becoming a content strategist or helping with the content within a company that you’re working with. Ask to be on their team to discuss topics and come to the meetings so that you are really part of the team, not just a freelancer that they’re asking to write.

Define the topics for your editorial calendar

Define your topics when you’re starting to think about how many blog posts you want to publish a month. You need to start thinking about the topics you want to post as well. As many of you know, I love the tool ClickUp when I create my content calendar. I use it for this podcast or my blog. Think about how you can categorize all the topics you have into separate buckets. It also helps you strategically think about planning the blog as well. You can even rework some topics you have in your head to fit into those content buckets.

Create some outlines

When I plan my content using a content editorial calendar, I batch it into several different days. On the first day, I outline and make it a task on Click Up. Then, all I have to do is open the task and then I write, then translate it into either my blog or this podcast.

Write the post

I like to write as many posts or podcasts as I can in one day but I never do it the same day as the outlines. This is maybe just how my brain works, but I like to outline one day, a ton of episodes or a ton of blog posts and then another day write. By creating a system it makes me feel decluttered.

Don’t forget to share

After you publish a blog post or a podcast episode, you have to promote it. You can add it to your automatic scheduling tool. Three months from now, even then keep re-sharing because what do they say? Someone has to come, read your content or come to your website or whatever to know who exactly you are seven times. You have to keep sharing it. The worst thing you could do honestly is to just set it and forget it.


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