55: Becoming a Better Leader and Business Owner with Antonette Montalvo

You have to break down in order to build.

In this episode, we have Antonette Montalvo, MSN, PNP-BC, BSN, RN, BA, a nurse practitioner turned business owner, who will share her tips on becoming a better leader and starting your own business. She is so incredibly inspiring to nurses and those who want to go into business.

She is the Founder and Author of Visionary Nurse, owner of Montalvo Consulting and Coaching Services, Co-Founder of Montalvo International Community Health Initiative, part of the faculty of nursing at Lander University at South Carolina.

How to Become a Better Leader and Business Owner

In this episode we go through:

Antonette’s career path up until now

She is a pediatric nurse practitioner by trade. Nursing was her second degree and Education was her first. She has a passion for both health and education. A nurse practitioner shed light on her love of both health and passion because she was doing what she wanted to see herself doing.

The advice she has on how each of the nurses can be a better leader, even without being a preceptor or charge nurse

A lot of it comes from mindset.

Here’s her take on all nurses. Nurses are all leaders because they are leading the care of someone wherever and however they are practicing it. They are making sure that a person advances in health. They are leading regardless of whether they have a title or not.

gratitude message for nurses with red hearts

Some nurses do not recognize that there are these micro-leader steps that are taking place that tricks us into thinking that we are not leading the care of someone because we don’t have a title. She reiterated that it’s not about the title it’s just about what you do and what you are.

She mentioned that her coaching is all about understanding your visionary leadership. She reminded us that the mark of a better leader is not how much title you have but what your passion and your mission are for the betterment of somebody else.

How you become a better leader
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Recognize that you have to build in a team 
  • Transition
Tips to help build your business

Understand your vision and focus. You don’t know where you are aiming unless you have a north.

Antonette Montalvo
Here are some questions that will guide you where you really want to go:
  • What is your focus?
  • What is your north?
  • What do you see yourself doing?
  • How do you want your time to be spent?

Antonette also shared more values we can live by. Figure out how to organize your thoughts. Find that theme and capitalize on that strength. Your idea should be marketable. Timing is everything.

How to build your skill set to be a better leader

You have to be willing to get outside your comfort zone and step into rules that you’ve never done before. You have to be willing to learn something different. Go out and help other people. She also left us some great words to carry on as we thrive.

You can find Antonette over on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonette-montalvo/
Her website www.visionarynurse.com
and Twitter

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