Asus Flipbook – My Most Budget-Friendly Computer

Asus Flipbook – My Most Budget-Friendly Computer

Asus Flipbook – My Most Budget-Friendly Computer

About four months ago my son and the dog were chasing each other in the living room. I got up to go to the kitchen when all of a sudden…

The dog’s tail hit my glass of water and the water went all over my computer. My beloved MacBook.

My husband and I are pretty frugal these days and we were just trying to save for our new house. I knew buying a new computer was going to not feel good for us. I had to start looking for something else that would work.

I’m a huge fan of Google Drive and thought maybe I should switch over to the Google platform. Once I want something I get it…I have a bad case of instant gratification when it comes to my computers…I’m not saying I have that with big expensive things. I just knew I needed a new computer and I needed one soon or I could do a job like this.

My good friend Gina was telling me about her Chromebook. I was interested because it was such a low-cost.

I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it because I was so used to my MacBook that had a lot of storage and these do not. So, I started researching that night…and again I get on something and I don’t let it go and drag my husband and kids with me to Best Buy that night. I played around with the store model and found a cheaper on Amazon and there it is my  Asus Flipbook.

Scroll…like a boss!

The Asus Flipbook touchpad feature is so cool, especially when you scroll down. It is so quick, compared to the mouse.

Tablet mode

Fold this little machine in half, and you have a very functional tablet!

my asus laptop

Everything I need

I love this little thing it does everything I needed to do. My husband said you’re going to regret it you’re mac girl, which I am, I love my Mac but at this time I don’t need it. I like the keyboard with the system because it mimics the Mac it powers up so fast and the battery life isn’t bad at all. It’s easy to transport on the go it’s very light and I get to flip through it like an iPad if I want. It’s very cool.

Keyboard is like the Macbook

As you can see, the keyboard is just like my Macbook one. I love the style and the feel of the keys when I type. Though, when you don’t want to use your keyboard, it gives you the touchpad feeling.

So if you’re in the market for a new book and you’re looking for something budget-friendly I suggest trying that out. In fact, the Asus Flipbook has been a great addition to my office makeover. It has been so useful for me ever since I had it, helping me get things done seamlessly. You can purchase the Asus Flipbook from Amazon for under $300!

What do you use for your typing machine?

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