I’ll Show You What You Can Do With 1 Hour of Power

I’ll Show You What You Can Do With 1 Hour of Power

I’ll Show You What You Can Do With 1 Hour of Power

You have heard me talk about it before, my hour of power. My hour of power is the time when my son goes to preschool. This is when I can get some work done. It is only an hour but an hour that I truly need.

It is at the prime time in my day which I can focus the most on 10 AM. 10 AM is when I can concentrate the most I don’t know why. I’m not sure if it’s because I know that that is my hour or that is when I feel the most awake and ready to work.

Thankfully, my son goes to preschool from 9-11 am, so my 10 am hour of power is utilized very well! During this time, when I use it to the fullest, I get some incredible results. I have written articles, finalized drafts, created pages for my website, products, etc, all under this hour of power. And, you can too!

How can you use an hour of power?

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Try to think about what you need to do in your business. If you can try to write a big list of things down that, you want to accomplish. Maybe it is something from your goals, or maybe something entirely different. Try NOT to check Facebook or emails during this time. Use that for when you get a little downtime, like when the kids are eating a snack.

I do get up most days before 5 AM whether it’s to drink a cup of coffee before the kids get up and prepare them for school in their day, or just to start some writing. That usually is a time that I can get some work completed but, most of the time, it is researching and answering emails.

I am not fully awake unless I exercise that early, so my brain is kind of foggy. My husband tries to be helpful by letting me try to start writing in the night time, though this doesn’t work too well when I get up before the sun. I get too sleepy, as one would imagine.

If your kids sleep well, and you are a night owl, this may be an hour of power time for you. My body is most awake after exercising, so when I exercise in the morning, this is the best time for me. Some kids nap, not mine haha, but some do! That used to be, when my son was an infant the best time for me, though housework was put to the side. It’s such a battle!

I suggest you find your hour of power in your day. What time can you get away for one hour and focus on your business? You don’t need many hours because many of us cannot do many hours at the desk, especially someone who has been in nursing. In the nursing world, you are always running. I have many things wheeling through my head at my hospital job. To sit at a computer all day long sounds pretty horrible to me.

Have you discovered your hour of power? What is it what do you feel most alert?

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