Voxer App and 3 Easy Ways to Use it

Voxer App and 3 Easy Ways to Use it

Voxer App and 3 Easy Ways to Use it

Voxer is a free app I started using back 6 or 7 years ago. It started as a tool I used with my sister. We would never get ahold of one another, and I didn’t want to call when her twins were sleeping. So, we started using Voxer.

Reasons I love it

  • It’s a walkie talkie – You reply to your friend and so on.
  • It keeps your messages – they don’t go away until you delete them. It keeps all the messages from the beginning of the conversation
  • It doesn’t disturb you – helps with the timezone issue I have with my west coast clients
  • You can distinctly hear the tone of someone – unlike text (we’ve all read that text that sounded rude in our minds)
  • It’s SO fast – It’s faster than all the other ways I communicate, like email, text, or voicemail.
  • No reply to all –  It’s better than a group text when people reply “OK”

3 Ways I use Voxer

  1. 1:1 clients – I use email, Trello, Zoom, and Facebook messaging. I love Voxer because it accommodates the timezone problems. I am on the east coast.
  2. Accountability – for myself and my colleagues in the freelance world. It can be a little lonely as a freelancer. I use it with Melissa Mills, Ashley Hay, Maureen Bonatch, Carrie Madormo, and Annie Donahue.
  3. Business BFF – Carol and I voxer each other multiple times a day. We chat often and even use personal chat on it.

Download it, use it, and you won’t stop! Leave me a voxer for accountability! I would love to hear it! Search for Janine Kelbach.

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