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Tools for Writers

I consider myself an app wanderer. I’m constantly exploring tools and apps and installing and uninstalling them as needed until I find the ones that will really help me become more productive and work with convenience.

How Getting a Nugget of Info Can Lead You Further

A nugget of info is a small thing, yet it can be golden for business owners who strive. I’ve long supported that the little things are the BIG things.Join me Live as I tackle how a nugget of info can open up huge opportunities!

Improve your Pitch by Researching

How can you get that pitch read, and better yet…accepted? Watch now!

What Do I Pitch?

Whether you’re a nurse-turned-writer starting from scratch, or a seasoned, full-time writer looking for more freelance writing jobs, knowing how to write a good pitch will surely help you land high-paying freelance writing jobs and grow your writing business.

What’s Holding You Back to Take Action?

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of getting started? Or you’re overwhelmed with the idea of doing something other than bedside nursing?

Have you been googling ‘side hustles for nurses,’ ‘side hustling as a nurse,’ and other keywords that will lead you to gain additional income?

If you feel any of these, then it’s great that you found your way here. Keep watching and grab some tips from Janine on how to make extra money while doing your passion as a nurse.

Managing #AllTheThings

As a working mom who needs to juggle between your career and home-life, how do you do it without getting overwhelmed?

Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, the mental load that comes with planning your tasks and keeping your households running can be very challenging. But Janine did balance her work-life with grace! Find out how you CAN, too!

What’s a Letter of Introduction

Learn what is a Letter of Introduction and how it can help you gain clients! How can you make sure that your LOI gets opened and responded to by your ideal lead who received it? Continue watching to find out!

Are You a Health Writer or a Medical Writer? Find Out the Difference

Are you a health writer or a medical writer? Confused? Keep on watching as Janine breaks down the difference between the two. Then, at the end of the video, you decide if which of these exactly are you!

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Get your LinkedIn profile to find leads for you! Join Janine Kelbach as she shares some actionable tips that will help you attract ideal clients using your LinkedIn profile.

Different Types of Writing That You Can Do as a Healthcare Writer

Learn the different types of writing that you can do as a healthcare writer and how you can leverage each of them to boost your writing skills and grow your writing business.

How to use SEO for Your Writing Business

In this video, Janine discussed SEO and shared some tips on how you can use it to grow your writing business. Enjoy watching!

Focusing on the Positive Sides of Freelancing

Have you ever imagined yourself working without rules and timings and you’ve got more freedom to work from anywhere? Discover the positive sides of freelancing to see if it is a kind of career you will love!

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