I Love to Hate Procrastination – 3 Tips to Help You Stop!

I Love to Hate Procrastination – 3 Tips to Help You Stop!

Today I am here to tell you about my love for the hate of procrastination. After reading this post, make sure to create a plan on how to stop procrastination, too! Procrastination is something that happens to all of us. As a virtual assistant, it always creeps up on me because I’m motivated by deadlines, and a lot of people are. There’s a way to get away from that.

Understanding that procrastination comes because we aren’t organized, we don’t know how to start a lot of the time, and we don’t know where to go once we do start. I have learned to create some workflows and systems in my business to make it so I stop procrastinating. I want to help you guys do the same.

Stop Procrastination with These Tips!

You Don’t Know Where to Start – To-Do List

colorful To-Do List

Procrastination is something you usually do because you don’t know where to start. Do a brain dump. The to-do list that you have that is so long, you need to get it on paper. After you get it on paper, meaning pen and paper, you’re going to put it into the app that I like through Google called Google Keep.

Google Keep is a great tool because well it’s free, and I love free, but most importantly – it’s like a post-it for the internet. I love post-its. They are all around my office, but I love Google Keep because it’s mobile, I can bring it with me anywhere. For example, I can look it up on any computer if I’m at the library. I can go with my work computer if I’m logged into my email, and I can also look at my laptop and at my home desk computer.

Google Keep is awesome because there are also checkboxes you can use so you can go through your list that way. <Bonus Tip> On your to-do list is you have to make the items on your to-do list prioritized. Prioritize them in urgency and what can wait out for those urgent items. Pick three (your big three) for that day and that is how you can start your to-do list and stop procrastinating

Stop Stressing!

Gain some business clarity. Have you ever had one of those days where you are procrastinating so much on something and/or you don’t know where to start with something and all-day goes by and you did nothing? An entire day you look back on that day you’ll ask yourself, “what did I even do?” Then, you create anxiety. You’re going create unneeded stress and you’re gonna create nothing. You’re going to do nothing in your business which will pf course lead to procrastination. If you don’t know where to start, go back to step 1. Create that to-do list urgency and those big three and start that next project.

Progress not Perfection

When you start that next project, draft it then perfect it. I don’t care if you’re doing a blog post, I don’t care if you’re doing the biggest project of your life, I don’t care if you’re going into a new career field and you’re in school and you have to start writing a paper…this all fits in it.

Even when you’re not doing something on a computer, it fits. For example, think about cleaning your house. You have to start it, even if you don’t have a perfect plan in place.

Think about progression, not perfection. For example, this post this is my first blog post where I’m using YouTube for the first time in my business, then connecting this blog post, and after my blog post, I’m creating you guys a downloadable form so that you don’t even have to read this entire blog post or watch my video you can just download the form. Those are my three (+bonus) tips to beat procrastination!

Recap, you’re going to write a to-do list, don’t create anxiety and stress, and draft it then perfect it. That will make your job easier and that will make systems, workflows, and automation in your business easier. I have a workflow for everything in my business and it needs to be tweaked every once in a while. Start today and fight that procrastination! Think about that to-do list that is a mile long on your desk right now or even in your head goes back to it and prioritize your big three for the day and get moving 2018!

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