Business Coaching

Business Coaching: 4 Reasons Why I Love Doing It

Business Coaching

I just don’t do business coaching. I fell in love with it! Nurses are teachers; mothers are teachers, and in my order in the family (the oldest) I am a teacher. Teaching is my calling. I teach prenatal education classes for my local hospital, I teach new nurses on the floor, I teach my patients more than they ever wanted to know about their labor, and I teach my kids about life’s ups and downs. Now, my gift of teaching has lead me to coach other writers through freelance business coaching.

Freelance Business Coaching and WHY I do it

Thanks, Dad!

My dad should have been a school teacher. He has the patience and the drive. My dad is way better at writing than I am, and a way better teacher than I am. He is not a teacher, though. Instead, he works at Lubrizol as a project manager. Ok, well I guess he is a teacher. He helps keep the entire team in line. Go dad….and thanks, dad!

Why I can’t niche down to only nurses

I have been asked, “since you are a nurse, why don’t you just coach nurses?” I know many mothers who are trying to make a little extra income on the side. I know health writing, which is my specialty, gets paid better than a lifestyle (mom blog) type of writing. Though, I enjoy writing for those niches. I like helping other mothers who are trying to bring in a little extra income here and there. I admire that! Therefore, my coaching packages, though geared towards nurses, are not only for nurses.

Business coaching and teaching about labor?

How are business coaching and educating patients about their labor a lot alike to me? I teach my patients as they have never read a thing about labor, no matter if it is their first child or eighth, I start as if they know nothing. I don’t do that to make them feel stupid; I do it to make them feel comfortable. There is nothing worse than being through something and someone thinking you know it when in reality, you maybe have forgotten along the way. Business coaching is a lot like that. I know you know how to write, talk to people, create content, etc., but sometimes you need that person to give you another insight into what you are doing. Another set of eyes can mean so much to someone; I want to be that person for my coaching clients.

Beyond coaching

Beyond my business coaching sessions, I will gain new network contacts. I will have a trusted person to give work to when I am booked. I want to be known as the trusted person that you can email at any time with a question, and I will give you that answer.

Should you get a coach?

Not sold on the package deals I have to offer? Maybe you are just starting out and are nervous to spend the money. I get it, I’ve been there! Try a one-on-one phone consult with me instead. I have valuable tools I can help you with, and I have advice that goes beyond my little blog here.

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