4 Convenient Things that Make my “Freelance Mom Life” Easier

4 Convenient Things that Make my “Freelance Mom Life” Easier

4 Convenient Things that Make my “Freelance Mom Life” Easier

I love it when readers ask me questions. I am always willing to help and give as much advice as I possibly can. This blog post is no exception. This is kind of a “coffee” chat blog post and will break down the 4 that make my “freelance mom life” easier.

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Freelance Mom Life Essentials

Shark Vacuum

As silly as it sounds, one of the best things that have helped my “freelance mom life” is my Shark Vacuum. I have a 15-year-old who helps me a lot around the house and has his chores he needs to complete. This vacuum is light enough for us to carry throughout the house with one arm. My 7-year-old even uses it throughout the living room.

My next big investment with vacuums will be a cordless one, but truly this vacuum it’s easy enough for us to use. It comes with all the attachments so vacuuming dog hair in such is not a big issue. It literally takes me no time to run it daily.

E-meals app

As a freelance mom writer, I am at home a lot. But, right now I am still part-time at the hospital. Therefore, meal planning is essential for our family. I recently discovered this E-meals app and it is incredible. The link is not an affiliate, just lets you try it for 14 days. It not only picks out my meals for the week and a side dish, but it also will send all the groceries to my local Walmart and I can pick them up for free.

Talk about saving time and money.

I don’t go into the store to try new things or add extras to my list, everything is there.

Sunday folder

Again with the craziness of the Mom life, freelance life and still being a nurse in the hospital setting, bills, and extra mail are constantly piling up. Recently, my husband and I started a concept of the Sunday folder. Sometimes it turns into the Monday folder, but we try to once a week look at our Sunday folder.

Inside our Sunday folder contains all the mail from the week that’s important.

How it works: I get the mail quickly sort through it through the junk and throw the rest of the mail into Sunday folder, because it’s truly not that urgent if it’s coming via snail mail anyway. We haven’t run into an overpaid bill since we started.

Envelope system

One of the best things we also do to manage our money in this freelance mom life is an envelope system.

To give a little background, we have three different accounts. One is our savings at the bank my husband works, our checking at his old bank and we have my business account at the old bank as well. $1000 of my paycheck goes into a mortgage account so I only see the rest in my checking account at the bank that has my business account.

At the end of the month, I go to the bank and withdraw money for envelopes. We have envelopes for car insurance, vacation, childcare, car repairs, and gifts.

The envelopes add up quickly and you don’t even realize. Another little way we save money is we buy gas gift cards to get points through our gas station. We use those gas cards throughout the month and every month I go and buy more gas cards.

As a freelance mom, there are always little things we need to do to save extra money here and there.

Recently when someone asked me what are some things I do to manage my “freelance mom life”, these are the four things that came to mind.

Managing the household, of business, a part-time job, and my husband and kids sounds overwhelming and it can be at times. When you have systems in place and everyone in the house is where you work as a team to get things done.  We learn to get things done and enjoy life at the same time.

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Shark Vacuum

E-meals app

Sunday folder

Envelope System

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