7 Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers You Can’t Ignore

7 Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers You Can’t Ignore

7 Tips for Beginner Freelance Writers You Can’t Ignore

Do you aim to become a freelance writer? When starting this new journey, there are proven ways that beginner freelance writers can do. You can grow your business from $0 to six figures as fast or slow as you want. It sounds exciting, but you have to have a certain personality and certain characteristics to become a successful freelance business owner.

Tips for the Beginner Freelance Writers

1. Get Organized

Writing, nowadays, is mostly online. Writing on Word or Google Docs is the preferred platform for many clients. I suggest you have a nice organized computer that has organized files. When you get a client, create them a folder, in Google Drive or on your computer to keep everything organized. When you have a folder, include their contract in that folder, and work in progress so you can always know when you have finished projects to deliver.

2. Plan away

Beginner freelance writers cannot be a procrastinator and should be deadline-driven. To do this, you much know how to plan. Personally, I had to figure this out really quickly. It’s not easy to plan around a hospital job, a research job, kids, husband, and self-care. A planner is essential for me, and I use it multiple times a day.

3. Pick an area of interest

Beginner freelance writers can write about anything. You’re a writer. But, pick a topic you are passionate about. You will hear many people say they have a “niche”. That just means they have a specific area they focus on. You do not have to stick to one niche. Personally, I have written articles like these, how to start freelancing, nursing articles, and patient education.

4. Use an Editing Resource

Some beginner freelance writers may be uncomfortable starting out, hire an editor to help you deliver your best work. I hired an editor and she has helped me feel so less anxious than I would if I was delivering work myself. It gives your work a second pair of eyes and helps you grow as a writer. Also, use tools like Grammarly to edit your work ( but that personal editor is always the best ).

5. Know your Resources

When you are researching for articles for your client, make sure you are researching credible work. It’s embarrassing if you are caught gathering information from a website that is not legit. You may lose your client over it, so always make sure your information comes from a trustworthy website.

6. Always Keep Learning

Not a day passes that I don’t learn how to do something new or how to improve my workflows and business strategies. You need to keep learning. Client work is always number one, but growing your business will only happen if you enjoy learning and seek out professional development.

7. Try Different Types of Writing

Blog or article writing are only two types of writing. So many different types of writing exist that can be a great fit for beginner freelance writers. When I was getting bored of writing articles, I went into course writing and subject matter expert review. I also branched into coaching and virtual assisting.

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