70: Ruthie Bowles Explains the Backwards Planning Concept

Ruthie Bowles joined me in this episode to discuss the Backwards Planning Concept, where to find good clients, and her new book!

I’m a US Army Vet, mom to four, and small business owner. My company, Defy The Status Quo, provides content marketing creation and strategy for consulting firms and service companies.

Ruthie had a secret pregnancy with her recent client in order to pivot to a remote job from the corporate world. She’s sharing her secrets with us today and how the Backwards Planning strategy can truly help you in your career and personal goals.

Backwards Planning Concept and More on Our Topics!

  • why try the Backwards Planning
  • how much she made before she quit
  • where to find good clients
  • and her new book!

Ruthie Bowles | US Army Vet
Job Title: Owner | Senior Content Marketing Strategist
Website: https://defythestatusquo.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruthie-bowles
Twitter: @annaruthus
Facebook: @defythestatusquo
Instagram: @defythestatusquobiz

Interviews & Features: https://defythestatusquo.com/interviews-features/

Links that Ruthie provided for you:

Backwards Planning Concept

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