Are Freelancers (Mostly) Introvert? Check Out These Simple Ways to Find Out If You Are!

Are Freelancers (Mostly) Introvert? Check Out These Simple Ways to Find Out If You Are!

Are Freelancers (Mostly) Introvert? Check Out These Simple Ways to Find Out If You Are!

Are you an introvert? I recently took the personality test to reveal that I am an ISFJ. A what? The personality test determines your personality among 16 different personalities. It gives a detailed report showing my strengths and weaknesses. For me, it was very spot on.

Let me show you:

It tells me with the F (Feeling) trait that I have excellent analytical abilities (my husband will agree because I analyze everything). I am an introvert, I like to be alone and would rather be alone than with a group of people. I know that sounds like I’m a loner, but I like to be. I don’t ever have to force myself to go out with my friends, but you would never find me at a function by myself to mingle with people, without being forced (haha). My personality test says that though I am introverted, I have well-developed people skills and social relationships.

So, how am I nurse but, I am introverted?

Well, from what I notice, most of my colleagues are introverts themselves. Though, if I am confident in what I do, labor and delivery nursing, I can talk to anyone who will listen about it until the cows come home. I love the topic, I love what I do, and I can tell anyone anything about it.

My favorite extrovert in my life is my husband.

My husband amazes me. He can talk to anyone about absolutely anything. I remember one time we were invited to a birthday party and my sister and her husband (also introverts) had our own little group conversation going and my husband make 14 new friends that night. I even asked him, “how do you do that? How to you talk to anyone, what do you say?” It amazed me and annoyed him because he thinks it’s no big deal.

Why it is good to be an introvert in a self-employed business?

I can work alone! I don’t have to worry about anyone bothering me (besides my family). I know what works needs done, and I know I will get it done.

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I reflect more than extroverts! I know many extroverts and I can sit and reflect (my mind is always going) and come up with a million things to write and to do with my kids.

I listen well! I am a great listener. I attribute that to my introvert personality style. Therefore, with my clients, I know exactly what they want and will reiterate it word for word.

Why it’s bad to be an introvert in a self-employed business? 

It can get lonelyAs a freelancer part-time, I do not experience this. Though, through a lot of my readings, I see this as a trend. I love to be alone, but many people find this too lonely sometimes, and as an introvert, you may become antisocial.

It can hold me back. I wish I had the courage a lot of the time to offer my services to anyone I meet. I confess that I don’t. I am not sure if it is because I still feel “new” at this sometimes, or because I am just too shy.

Do you relate? Are you an introvert? Now sure? Take this personality test.

Comment below what YOU are!