6 Essential Tools Every New Freelance Writers Cannot Live Without

6 Essential Tools Every New Freelance Writers Cannot Live Without

6 Essential Tools Every New Freelance Writers Cannot Live Without

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When I started as a freelance writer, I had no tools. I had one thing, my MacBook. Since then, my MacBook has gone to heaven, thanks to my dog and my son. Nowadays, the tools I use are a Chromebook and my desktop to do most of my writing.

Other tools I wish I had when I was a beginner writer exist, and therefore, I wrote you a post to help you get started faster than I did.

Top Tools for a New Freelance Writer

1. Computer / WiFi / Hotspot

We will start with this thing I mentioned, a computer. You will also need a reliable Wi-Fi connection in your home so that you can work when you need to. Both of these things are must-have tools to get started. Something I recently bought into is a personal hotspot. I can’t tell you how much I love this. I am able to take my computer to the beach, on car rides, and even kids’ sports practices. It also lets me have the flexibility to work when I want. It’s also available for my kids to play with the iPad when they want.

2. Planner

Another product among the best tools when you become a freelance writer is a good planner. If you are just starting out, choose a simple calendar. As you progress in your business, and you have a business plan with goals, you might want to pick up the plan I have called the Passion Planner. This planner breaks down everything in life, personal and work, and every goal I set. I will be posting in 2018 monthly about the goals and the planner, so be sure to keep up with my blog.

3. Reliable Cell Phone

I understand you want to save money. I am also a little saver, but when it comes to my smartphone I use it for business and personal use. Therefore, I need my smartphone to be able to think on the go. I use my Notes app often. Sometimes I do voice text on the way to work to voice text a blog post and new ideas. You never know when you’ll have a great idea, but when you do, your smartphone should be one of the nearest tools you.

4. A Google Voice Number

Now, this post is not about building your website or your writing samples, this is more about products to get started. Therefore, I suggest you use the free service of a Google voice phone number. This will keep you as a professional. My son often answers my phone if I am not near it. With Google Voice, you have the option to track and watch your phone. So, if you get a call from the client of your dreams, you can answer it like a professional, instead of how you answer when your mom calls.

5. Writing Utensils

I haven’t met a nurse yet that is not obsessed with pens. And of course, pens are my favorite tools! When you become a writer, you’ll want to have several different color pens, as well as a highlighter for research. I’m a big believer in the pencil and paper method, but I also incorporate a ton of technology. The pens help me organize to-do lists as well as color edits and highlight important details.

6. A Quiet Space

When starting out, think about an office idea for your home. This could be the corner of your bedroom, closet, or corner of your kids’ playroom. Wherever it is, you must have the ability to have space for you. The traveling laptop is never a good idea. If you need to make the place of quiet the library for time being, that’s OK as long as it’s a place to work. There’ve been many times that I had to leave my house even though I have a home office. The reason is sometimes that I’m not feeling clear in my office or sometimes my kids are bugging me too much.

You don’t need much to get started as a freelance writer. You do need motivation, diligence, and determination. With that and some community support, you are well on your way to your #nextprnjob.

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