2018 Remarkable Goals for Write RN + 2017 Income Report + Goal Recap

2018 Remarkable Goals for Write RN + 2017 Income Report + Goal Recap

2018 Remarkable Goals for Write RN + 2017 Income Report + Goal Recap

Wow! 2017 is coming to an end. I can’t believe how fast it has gone, but I also cannot wait for 2018! Have you achieved your goals already? Personally, this year has brought a lot of sadness among family members and friends. 2018 may look worse. Cancer is the worst, that’s all I can say. Please pray for my family and friends who are struggling with this battle. It’s just not fair. On a happier note, we had an amazing year of traveling as a family and camping was at the top of our list of memories. Working from home (part-time) has opened up so much time for me to be able to travel and create memories with my boys. Some include the zoo, our new home (we had a lot of parties, hiking (almost every day), waterparks, amusement parks, making a flower garden, and traveling to Florida (and smashing an income goal that month as well). I have pics all over my Facebook for you to see. I accomplished the goal of spending more time with my family this year. That is what pushes me into 2018. That is my WHY. On to last year’s goals.Read how to set your OWN goals

Goals for 2017

1. Finish my book

Well as you can see, I am not done with my book yet, though we are ALMOST ready to send it to the editor. It’s hard because my book is not paid work, so when I have time, is when I get to the book. Therefore, we’re adding this to 2018 goals

2. Keep writing clients & Book 2 coaching clients

I have maintained my writing clients this year added 9, as well as added not 2, but 5coaching clients! Those were my top 3 goals from last year. Last year I ended the year at $20,000. My goal for 2017 was $25K. I won’t hit that this year, but I am not far off. Without adding in December’s income, I end at $22,100. I had some setbacks this year on a few things, which is what decreases the income, but heck, I’m pretty stoked with that ending. Why? Because it covers a 12-hour shift a week (+ an extra $4k when I do the math), and I didn’t skip a beat with my boys. Do you know how great of a feeling that is?! Let’s take a look at what’s in store for 2018. I use my Passion Planner for 2018. Take a look and follow my blog because I will be posting every month.

Goals for 2018

Goals for 2018

1. Finish Book

By February 1, 2018, I will send my book to the editor and follow up with my publisher. By doing this, I will make the next step into my business by selling a product.

2. Continue growing LinkedIn, add more traffic to my blog, and connect on Facebook through my page and the HWN

3. Book Clients to cover big client

A certain client was my cash cow this year. I had consistent work from them, which is a good problem to have. I struggled when it came to not having them. I need to grow my writing where I can consistently make $2K/mo without them.

4. Make $30,000 this year in my writing business + research job

This is a VERY high goal for me only working part-time. This will have to be $2500/month to achieve this. I think I can do it with my new Mastermind Group and determination and diligence. My research job is a part-time job, but I will add this to my WriteRN goals because it is my other job. I was a newborn photographer assistant in recent years, but this job is related to my writing a little more.

5. Stay Status Quo with my current writing clients

I want to add a few more writing clients, but I am also expanding my services to include some VA clients in that count. That’s it, my friends!I have some AWESOME stuff planned for my blog for 2018 that you will LOVE. So, if you’re not on my email list sign up at the top of this blog post. Let’s bring on 2018….

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