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Janine Kelbach BSN, RNC- OB

Voxer – the way we GROW

I started using Voxer YEARS ago.

When I had a Mastermind group, we used it as a tool to help us grow in our businesses.

Nowadays, I use it in a variety of ways (Check out this podcast episode: Episode 10 – 3 ways to Use the Voxer App)


I now use Voxer as a coaching tool.

What is Voxer? Voxer is simply a walkie-talkie app that you download (for FREE). You are able to save messages and talk back and forth.

How I use it to coach you – I use voxer to help answer those questions you just want guideance on. They can be questions related to growing your business, finding clients, perfecting your pitch, etc. Sometimes, we get stuck, and I’m here to give you the clarity you need to get “unstuck”.

Ideally, at the end of the voxer day, you and I have talked through your struggles and you have the resources and advice you need to move on 🙂

Why an 8 hour day? It’s because we both have things “going on”, right? I have kids, my own business to run, and a household. Many of you do as well. We can go back and forth throughout the 8 hour day, so we’re not stuck on the phone for hours and hours. It also gives you time to process what you want to say or do next.

What works –

  • Short – to the point – messages – Remember, Voxer lets you save messages, so a 15 minute long message isn’t easy to gather advice from. Don’t expect me to ramble because I want you to save the “nuggets” of advice I give you. Please give clear, to the point questions.

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