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Pitching for Registerednursing.org, nursepractitioneronline.com, and Pharmacytech

They are also looking for articles related to:- pharmacy technicians- LPNs and still RNs and NPs 
Here’s some that have been accepted and completed in the past:
Think about these topics and see how you can tweak them for your specialty

Always open to ideas related to: 
1. More specialty or career-based articles  
2. Topics that target nursing students and new nurses. 
3. Things we’re trying to stay away from are topics that are too “general health” related.
We really want this to be of interest to nurses and nursing students. A topic like “What’s the healthiest breakfast?” or “Warning signs that you have the flu” (random examples I made up) are health topics more geared toward a general readership, and we’re trying to laser in on things more specific to nurses.

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If accepted articles pay $100 + Editor fee for writer to pay (around $25)

Pitching for Nursegrid.com

All articles will focus on the three pillars: 

– positivity towards nursing
– career focus/engagement
– personal growth as a nurse
– departmental work

Our approach is “nurse talking to nurse”. We would love for it to feel more like firsthand experience perspective than collegiate or stiffly instructive. Plus, we want to hear their stories! Even just a sentence of the author’s personal experience with the subject will take these to the next level.- Don’t reference “nurses” and “nursing” as foreign ideas, but instead speaking as one of the tribe. e.g. “I…”, “We…”, “In my experience…”, and “the first time I…” are all examples of ways to transfer the voice while providing legitimacy and easy connection to the readers. This may be something you can tweak afterward, but we feel it is what will truly set this apart from regular blogs.

  • A short story with a lesson, a personal experience with morale, a confession, et al. – we’d love to see it all. Yes, the objective is for the pieces to have value, just know that we see value in many forms: takeaways, acknowledgement, feeling heard/seen – all the ways a nurse can read it and feel good if not better. 

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If accepted articles pay $100 + Editor fee for writer to pay (around $25)

Pitching for Everynurse.org

Target AudienceOur current audience is heavily weighted female, between the ages of 18-34. Interests include healthcare, wellness, medical news & information, and strategies for self-improvement.

Top Competitors

Our top competitors include the following:·       https://www.registerednursing.org/·       https://nursejournal.org/·       https://www.allnursingschools.com/·       https://www.nursingjobs.com/·       https://www.graduatenursingedu.org/·       https://nurse.org/·       https://www.nursepractitionerschools.com/·       https://www.toprntobsn.com/·       https://nursinglicensemap.com/

Voice and Tone

a) The title suggestions are flexible. In fact, I would prefer if your writers found a way to alter the title to something different, but similar. I selected these titles because they are already ranking in the SERPs for terms that are related to the focus keyword we are targeting for this first order, which is “Registered Nurse” or “Registered Nurse Careers”.

b) Article length should be somewhere between 900 and 1,600 words. We are targeting a six-minute to seven-minute read.

c) Our ideal voice and tone can be described as “human”. To us, this means “informal”. A  voice that is elevated above “casual and conversational” but not formal, medical writing. It’s ok to have a sense of humor, so feel free to be funny when it’s appropriate and comes naturally, but don’t go out of your way to make a joke. Forced humor can be worse than none at all. 

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If accepted articles pay $160 + Editor fee for writer to pay (around $35)