Health Writing Business Foundations for Beginner Nurse Writers Masterclass

What You’ll Learn:

1.The EXACT 3 step framework I use to help nurses start their writing businesses.

2.How to decipher which companies hire health writers.

3.The reasons why nurses should take this opportunity to escape burnout, payoff debt, or pay for an upcoming getaway!

4.The six types of writing you can do as a health writer AND which one you should think about starting first.

5.How much you’ll get paid from the start and how much some of the writers make after experience.

6.What pitching is and how to create a pitch for editors to hire you for their next content project.

The ULTIMATE Writing Business Course for Nurses who want to become profitable health writers


Plan - Produce - Profit Course + Membership

Take charge in reinventing your career and see what life looks like in a year from now!

Plan - Produce - Profit Course

This course is for you if you are:

  • A highly motivated, aspiring health writer
  • Trying to land your first gig and you are ready to learn foundational business skills through this writing business course.
  • Starting out or under $1000/mo profit
  • Ready to distinguish what is working and let go of what’s not.
  • Loving the idea of short, mini, action-filled modules.
  • Able to set aside time for training and homework.
  • Strong and ambitious, but open to a challenge.
  • The Imperfect business owner

No need to participate if you:

  • Want to keep your business at the size and scope it is right now.
  • Avoid and do not think of yourself as coachable or teachable.
  • Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business.

Here is What You Will Learn
If You Join Today


We will be discussing about planning your health writing business.

Access in the first 2 weeks after enrollment.


Learn How To Produce Leads, Pitches, And Content.Access 4 Weeks After Enrollment.


Understand Pricing, Bookkeeping, and Onboarding Clients.Access After 6 Weeks Of Enrollment

Layout the Blueprint

• Health Writing 101
• What is a niche, why niche down?
• 7 ways to choose a niche
• Focusing on a profitable niche
• How to choose a business name
• Mind blocks behind choosing a name for your business
• Creating your LLC
• SMART Goals
• Find your WHY

Assembling Your Portfolio

• How to structure a blog post
• The writing process
• Gathering samples
• Creating an author bio

Optimize Your Social Media

• Setting up writer social media accounts
• Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn

Creating Leads

• Research your ideal client
• LinkedIn nursing process to find clients

Biz Essentials

• Website Building 101
• Pitching 101

Get Out There

• Letters of Introduction
• One blog 5 different ways
• How to know if a blog takes guest posts
• How to get your pitch read

Selling Writing Services

• Rates
• Project vs. word rate
• Bookkeeping for your freelance business
• Contracts
• Payment set up
• Other peoples audiences
• Create your Business Content Strategy for 2021
• Diversify

Tackling Overwhelm

• In your business vs ON your business
• A Lesson in time
• Outsourcing for Growth
• Onboarding Process
• Stress-free conversations with clients
• Client journey

janine kelbach

Hi, I'm Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB , owner of Write RN, Host of The Savvy Scribe Podcast & Author of Entreprenurse and owner of Write RN, LLC

I started my nursing career back in 2006. I worked in all areas of L&D, Postpartum, and newborn nursery.

I started writing for different healthcare blogs and websites in 2012. I am currently writing articles and social media content for publishing companies and various clients.

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, I had to pivot my business model. I had to become a homeschool teacher and had an idea to subcontract some of her work to my other nurse writer friends.

It worked, and it grew quickly into a small agency model, which is where we are today.

You can hear me on the Savvy Scribe Podcast, too!

Start Your Journey Today
And Become a
Successful Health Writing Business Owner


What our course graduates and students are saying?

“What can I say? You've essentially started my business 🙂 You've been an invaluable resource to me with all of your content (so much FREE quality content and the paid is well worth the price) and have been a great sounding board and mentor as I've gotten started.”
Julie Scott
Nurse Practitioner
"The course takes all of the guesswork out of starting your own writing business. It is self-paced, filled with easy to digest content, and provides everything you need to get started on your business immediately."
Erica McNary
Registered Nurse
“You helped me get started! When I had a contract issue with a client, you helped guide me to be proactive with contracts moving forward. I have written most of my articles for your clients and used your courses to land my own clients! I enjoy working with you and hope to be more involved with the business going forward.”
Blyss Splane
CEO, Nurse Splane Writes, LLC
"Thank you Janine Walsh for this awesome co-op! Your knowledge is valuable to us. I appreciated the encouragement to the other writers in the group."
Lorilea Johnson
Nurse Practitioner

Savvy Nurse Writer Membership

This membership is jam-packed with tested and proven processes experienced by a NURSEpreneur and shared with nurses who want to scale up. The Plan, Produce, and Profit course has been instrumental in helping nurse writers build a sustainable and satisfying professional identity and pivot into a new line of work that makes most of their unique writing skills and nursing experience. Explore the following tools and resources to move you from where you are to a future you have been dreaming of.

What do you get inside the membership?

Event Calendar with:

• Expert Guests

• Workshops

• Group Coaching

• Coworking Sessions

Mindset talks

• Opportunities to Pitch Clients

• Live Q&A

• Community

Still Have Questions?

Comprehensive Course – on demand lessons dripped to you over 6 weeks

  • Layout the Blueprint
  • Assembling your Portfolio
  • Optimizing your Social Media
  • Creating leads
  • Establishing your biz essentials
  • Getting Out there
  • Selling on the phone
  • Tackling overwhelm
  • Onboarding Clients

    Event calendar with:
    • Expert guests
    • Workshops
    • Group coaching
    • Co-working sessions
    • Mindset talks
    • Opportunities to pitch clients
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Digital Downloads
    • Live Q & A
    • Optional 1:1 coaching sessions to build your business

Email me at hello@thesavvyscribepodcast.com and I will give you a special code. 

What are you waiting for? Join us!