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Hey, I’m Janine Kelbach! Here’s a small corner of the internet where I share things about business, marketing, freelancing, work-life balance, and a LOT more!

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6 Awesome features of Google Keep

6 Awesome features of Google Keep

I love trying new tools in my business, but sometimes, they don’t work out. This tool I have been using, called Google Keep, hasn’t let me down yet!

Office Makeover

Office Makeover + Motivation

Welcome to my office makeover! The beauty of freelance writing is the fact that you can do it anywhere! I have been writing (as a business) since 2015 and also started my BSN program around that same time. My laptop was always

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9 traits of a six-figure writer

Episode 104: 9 Traits of a Six-Figure Writer

Thanks to one of the members of our Savvy Nurse Writer members for asking us this question: what are the traits of a 6-figure writer vs. a beginner? Let’s tune in to discuss these traits!

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