Episode 157: Who Can I Use as an Editor?

Talk about imposter syndrome; it really lifts up when I was like “maybe writing is not for me.” But really... I needed an editor and every writer does.

When I started as a writer, I had no idea I needed an editor. So, when I submitted my first pieces, the red line go lower. Talk about imposter syndrome; it really lifts up when I was like “maybe writing is not for me.” But really, I needed an editor and every writer does.

Points to listen for!
  • How to become a better self-editor
  • Janine shares some tools that you can use for editing
  • Janine would do her self-editing first, read out loud, and use her tools before sending it to the editor and then finally, send it to the client.
  • How to hire editors and how they can help you
  • Who can you use as an editor
Editing tools
Pro Tips to Consider Before Hiring an Editor

Read your blog out loud. It will help see where you need to add the punctuation or remove things that don’t make sense.

If you have somebody in your life whom you know a good writer, or even a good reader, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. Or, read the blog over before submitting it to your client.

When I hired my first editor, she was so helpful. It was worth it for me to hire someone to edit my work for my anxiety level so I won’t be getting these red lines.

Looking to write for the Savvy Nurse Writer job boards?

If you want to write for our job boards, I have vetted editors there. Your work will always be edited before we send it to the client. I also suggest that you always look at the edits that they do even if it’s from a high-quality editor because you will learn from it and it will help you become a better writer.


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