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The Power of a Community

Today, we will be talking about the power of community, the community that I am currently part of, and what I learned from them.

What is Online Community 

Right now, I am talking mostly just about online communities. Of course, there are a lot of communities outside online, and you may be thinking about your local community now. They could be a group you are a part of or a group where you volunteer. In this episode, our main focus is specifically on communities related to business because that’s why we are here. 

Let me share the quote, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” 

These words keep coming back to my mind over and over again. Those of you out there who might be in the Facebook Group, or maybe you’ve listened to my podcast for years now, or you’re just quiet, I can say that I am one of those people. I, by nature, am more of an introverted person, too, but you would maybe say that I am not. So now, let me tell you the kind of introverted person I am. 

Quotes keep getting me out there. 

  • I’m An Introvert Unless I’m A Specialist. 

I am an introvert because if I am in a big group of people, I’m not going to say anything. But if I am an expert in my field, for example, labor and delivery, and I am with a small group, I will share my opinion and talk about things I believe are relevant. 

The other thing that stands out to me where I am NOT an introvert is when it comes to patient safety and nurse advocacy. Because there are so many times that I’ve had to go to my superiors or talk to my fellow nurses, and I don’t feel nervous because I am so passionate about it. 

That is also why I have a flock of community, and I usually go on Facebook Live and talk to many of you in the group. I talk to many nurses to help them build their writing businesses, and my introvert (ness) just goes away because I am a specialist and passionate in this field.

a community or group of people at the park
It's not what you know, but who you know.
janine kelbach
Janine Kelbach
6-Figure Healthcare Writer
  • I Don’t Thrive With A Lot Of People, But Close-Knit Groups. 

I think everyone needs a certain mentor in their lives. So, if you don’t have a coach, I think you need one if you have a business. 

  •  The Closer I Get To Others, The More I Want To Be There 

This is the same thing in our Facebook Group: you start to resonate with another nurse who’s maybe in your field and guess what, there’s a power in that connection, and you can grow together. 

What are three things I get from the communities I belong to? 


I need it sometimes. They push me to show up even on those days I don’t want to. 

Referrals/Jobs/Gigs Etc.

Never underestimate the power of connection. Do you ever meet someone who knows your uncle? I believe in those 7 degrees of separation theory. If you meet someone in your community, you can help each other grow your businesses. 

Bond With Like-Minded People, Especially In These Times.

It’s just like a community effort to grow one another, and if you get a part of a community, be involved in it because it will pay off and help you. 

If you are not a part of our Savvy Nurse Writer Community on Facebook, come and join us! It’s a gated community but get in there if you are serious about growing your health writing business. And then, if I am going to launch our course again, get in there! It’s a paid side of the group, but you’ll get so many benefits and ideas if we talk about things like pricing, contracts, website design, and many more. 

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What Our Listeners Say

I found Janine when I started looking for a way to build some supplemental income from home. I’m still working full-time as an RN doing patient care but I have learned so much from Jeanine. If you are interested in learning more about writing engaging health content and turning it into a career, go no further!
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I have been listening to Janine's podcast for a little over a month, and I find both her and the podcast inspiring. The information she provides to new writers is informative and useful. I also enjoy the variation in lengths of the podcasts; it ranges from around 10 to 60 minutes depending on the episode. Janine is enthusiastic and wants to see others succeed, which is encouraging for a novice writer.
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Janine gives timely and actionable tips to start you on your path toward starting and growing your own health writing business, as well as interviews with successful writers in the field. I review podcasts as needed to refresh and review. Thanks, Janine, for sharing your knowledge.
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