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Are you interested in PAID writing opportunities? I’ve got a membership option for you as part of our Writer Directory!

Welcome to this very quick episode. It’s all about what’s new in our membership area because things have changed over time. Just like your business is growing, so is mine and with growth is a change all the time. Change is growth and vice versa. So I wanted to just acclimate everybody.

The membership that is available right now, for everybody who’s interested in growing their health writing business, we have two options.

One of those options is a monthly level. In this type, you have no course but you still get access to co-working sessions, monthly group coaching, past and future workshops and definitely access to the job board ( everybody has access to the job board whether you are paid or not paid). But members get the jobs first. It’s only $49/ month.

We also have a yearly subscription where you are going to save a lot more money, and you only pay one price now and after a year, it will renew. You are locked in for one year and you get the course, the entire Plan Produce and Profit course free yearly one-on-one calls with me, monthly group, coaching past and future workshop, access job board. You get to lock in your rate again for that year and exclusively just for yearly members. You get all access to templates for client management, a free one-on-one Boxer app access with me, where we can talk back and forth and you get a member-only free gift from me.

membership option for savvy nurse writer community
When I first started my business and made a little bit of money, I didn't tell anyone, not even my husband. That's okay. You're in a testing phase. Wait until you believe it's "real" and let the universe know.
Janine Kelbach
Janine Kelbach
CEO, Savvy Nurse Writer

You get access to the plan produce and profit. It covers the laying out, assembly in your portfolio, optimizing your social media, creating leads, establishing your business essentials, marketing yourself, selling over the phone, tackling overwhelm, and onboarding with clients.

I just want to read a couple of testimonials that we have from the membership and here it goes:

Julie says, “What can I say? You essentially started my business. You’ve been invaluable research to me with all of your content, so much free quality content and the paid as well worth the price and I’ve been a great sounding board and mentor since I’ve gotten started.

Erica says, “The course takes all guesswork out of starting your own writing business. It’s self-paced, filled with easy-to-digest content, and provides everything. You need to get started on your business immediately.

Susan says, “You gave me my first opportunity to write for profit.

Andrea says, “About nine months ago, I saw your call for health writers and I wrote one article and knew I wanted to do more, but I had no idea where to start. I found the course and saw how comprehensive the material was and I knew I had to immediately sign up for this course. This program. Honestly, help me build my company from the ground up. I really don’t think I would have confidence to create my business without the Savvy Scribe and The Savvy nurse writer course. I have learned more. More than I ever thought I would. My goal is to continue to build my client list since I have already formed my LLC.

Brittany says, “If you are a nurse that is ready to take the first steps away from the bedside. This course is for you, whether you want to work for your own business, or as an employee. This course will give you the first steps to building the writing career of your dreams.

Casey says, “I just want to say thank you. I’m having my first article published and this will be my first article for my portfolio as well. I like my job as a PRN, but I’m hoping within the next three months I can build my business and maybe make some changes to my hours at the clinic. I’m learning so much from the course and podcast specifically about cold pitching and my social media presence.

Sarah said, “Janine is energetic and her passion for success is contagious. The course provides well-rounded content on multiple topics for the nurse writer. The combination of course content continues with new guest speakers, keeps the learner engaged.

I really want you to succeed. It’s essential for nurses right now to have something on the side to build your business, to build something with your creative mind with the burnout of the bedside to just be able to do something a little different. Head on over to savvyscribe.com/membership. Join us and get access to your login and your password.

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I found Janine when I started looking for a way to build some supplemental income from home. I’m still working full-time as an RN doing patient care but I have learned so much from Jeanine. If you are interested in learning more about writing engaging health content and turning it into a career, go no further!
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I have been listening to Janine's podcast for a little over a month, and I find both her and the podcast inspiring. The information she provides to new writers is informative and useful. I also enjoy the variation in lengths of the podcasts; it ranges from around 10 to 60 minutes depending on the episode. Janine is enthusiastic and wants to see others succeed, which is encouraging for a novice writer.
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Janine gives timely and actionable tips to start you on your path toward starting and growing your own health writing business, as well as interviews with successful writers in the field. I review podcasts as needed to refresh and review. Thanks, Janine, for sharing your knowledge.
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