Learn How to Be Your Own Editor in 5 Steps with

Many of the writers don’t have the luxury of hiring a professional editor to take a quick peek for errors in our writing. But is it really possible to edit your own work to polish it before showing your writing piece to the world? Yes! And here’s Laurie Mega to tell us how.

Laurie Mega is the co-founder of Mega Business Consulting, a full-service editorial and SEO firm founded with her husband. She is also a professor in the Communications Department in Boston where she teaches reading or writing on social media online. She did a course and includes TikTok, Twitch and other social media platforms to create and generate content.

At Emerson College, she took BS in Journalism as Major and Minor in Magazine and Constitutional Law. She also took a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and Publishing and she started her career in textbook publishing and for 12 years.

She started to work for a company, a digital publishing and content marketing agency. It is about one vs. quality company. She thinks that there’s a better way to create high-quality content that people will value. People will and must value small pieces of content which make the company shine.

Laurie became an Associate Director before leaving her job. They have 30 editors that can lower the content volume to convince the client to buy textbooks. She also works as a Director of a web-based educational company. Years later, she started freelancing, teaching and founded the mega consultancy.

Learn How to Be Your Own Editor in Five Steps
"To allow or give time in editing will assure you a quality and great content."
laurie mega
Laurie Mega
Writer, Editor and Content Consultant

Learn How to Be Your Own Editor in Five Steps

It is essential to act to be your editor to see and make a framework that is easier and better for your business and it is always about your customers.

1. Allow or allocate time for the process.

Looking, collecting and creating are parts of the creation process. You keep on writing and realize its deadline and we don’t have time for editing – it is dangerous. You can miss things in editing the flow, the readability, your audience background, spelling, and the style. All of these must be checked and it’s part of the process.

2. Walk away from your work.

This is not literally walking away from it or to stop doing it, but it’s taking time to clear your mind and refresh your feelings to be better and it will make you a good editor. You will look and work on your writing the next time with fresh eyes and in a good mood.

3. Read your work out loud.

You can read what is wrong with your work including the mistakes or errors. Reading and correcting grammatical issues and misspelled words in your content is important. And if you’re comfortable in reading it slowly, read it again – the content, the spelling if you think that will work for you.

4. Use editing tools but know the rules of editing before using them.

Make sure you understand why the grammar or editing tools have pointed out those errors. Don’t depend on them all the time. Know that those programs don’t understand what you are talking about, the feeling, tone and mood of the content. YOU should understand that there should be a fix. If it’s possible for you to take an editing course online, then do so.

5. Go through the client’s guidelines every single time.

We all forget the guidelines most especially if we write for one client and for another one. The guidelines that work for the other client won’t work for the other one. Doing these steps will help you avoid your writing from getting mixed up. Check the client’s guidelines against your work before submitting it.

For Laurie, she just dives on it once or twice, to check the paragraph, transition, grammatical issue, including the spelling to make sure she wrote it well and made great content. She’s not against anti-grammar editing tools. Every busy writer or editor can use them yet she advised not to depend on them all the time.

All of these can guide you to become an editor on your own, so you can create better content in the future. Do you have additional tips to add to the list?

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