What I Learned in 100 Episodes of the Show

Wow, can you believe it? 100 episodes!
100 consistent weeks of publishing a show. I’d like to celebrate this beautiful and blessed day by reminiscing some memories inside The Savvy Scribe Podcast…
100 episodes! I cannot believe I have stuck to it this long, but there were some “bumps” along the way.
Let’s dive into what I have learned if I think it was worth it and more. You’re going to hear me reference a lot of episodes here, but everything will be in the show notes if you want to dive deeper into other episodes. Ok let’s go!

The First Few Episodes

If you go back into the archives you’ll see there were a few different voices. Janet and Carol really helped me get this off the ground, and here we are. I cannot thank Janet, specifically, enough because she gave Carol and me the push to make this a reality. So what happened to them? We went separate ways. We still talk, they are not in my business anymore though, but it’s ok 🙂

2020 – What happened

I started to reach out to get guests on the show – I also hired on a VA to help me because I had no time

Between both of our efforts, we had guests lined up for the show. I automated my process by having a form sent to them. I also took a course about podcasting to see if I was on the right track because remember, this wasn’t the plan. I learned a lot and took it with me.

Still, keepin’ it real.

I appreciate all the comments I get about my authenticity. It honestly makes it so easy for me that you listeners do not want perfection. I am far from perfect, and my edits/lack of them will show it. I still edit the show myself (in the beginning I was way more detailed), but overtime, I learned that it doesn’t matter, you’re here for the content, not perfection.

Listeners still like ME!

As much as I love having guests on the show, I have to keep coming back to ME. I hear from listeners that you like the shows where I give value, so I promise to keep it coming.

Can’t set it and forget it!

I have to keep living my own advice. After I publish a show, I have to spread the word! My VA, Cheryl, shout out to her because she keeps my business together! She and her team keep it promoted and make the beautiful graphics and blog posts to go along with it. That’s another thing – the blog posts. Some people love blog posts because they are short on time or prefer to read. I get that because there are times that you can’t listen.

More tools





What I learned in 100 episodes of the show

Was this a good decision?


  1. Audience Building – I gained SO many new writer connections, people have come into the FB group, and I have built the email list, BUT the number one thing is that people say the podcast has helped them. That’s my GOAL. I want to help through knowledge sharing and help you not waste time if this is something you want to pursue.
  2. Connections – I have met SO many awesome people from the show! As you see, I have guests, and a total og 46 to be exact! 46 new connections over the internet that I would have never met otherwise!
  3. Thought Leadership – I have also built up my though leadership on topics within the business of writing space.
Overall, YES, a GREAT decision. Now, let’s be real. I want to talk about the struggles at times…
  1. Confirming guests – sometimes I have it all set to go, and someone cancels. That’s always a bummer.
  2. The follow up – I also struggle with this when an episode goes live (hey Cheryl, this might be something I delegate next)
  3. The whole ordeal – the quiet room, moving my kids/dogs, setting up – The whole process can be a lot, but I have learned to batch it 🙂
  4. Topics – sometimes it hard to think of new ideas. So, please, let me know if you have questions. A lot of the upcoming episodes were built off of the savvy nurse writer questions 🙂

Plans for the Next 100 Episodes

  • Keeping guests and solo episodes
  • Focusing on a content strategy within the 3 pillars of my business Plan, Produce, and Profit
  • Keep connecting with guests outside the nursing space.
  • Incorporate clubhouse into the strategy (Somewhere)
  • Expert guest workshops inside the membership and part of the talk over on the podcast
Not a member? I would love to have you. We provide SO much value inside our membership. You can check it out over at savvynursewriter.com/membership
I want to thank each and every one of you for being a listener. Without you listening, there would be NO way i would have 100 episodes. If you like the show, all I ask if that you take 2 minutes and leave a review. That not only builds my ego lol but it helps others find the show.
That’s all I have for you today, we have a lot of episodes in store! Stay tuned, and GO GET YOUR WRITE ON!

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What Our Listeners Say

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I found Janine when I started looking for a way to build some supplemental income from home. I’m still working full-time as an RN doing patient care but I have learned so much from Jeanine. If you are interested in learning more about writing engaging health content and turning it into a career, go no further!
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I have been listening to Janine's podcast for a little over a month, and I find both her and the podcast inspiring. The information she provides to new writers is informative and useful. I also enjoy the variation in lengths of the podcasts; it ranges from around 10 to 60 minutes depending on the episode. Janine is enthusiastic and wants to see others succeed, which is encouraging for a novice writer.
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Janine gives timely and actionable tips to start you on your path toward starting and growing your own health writing business, as well as interviews with successful writers in the field. I review podcasts as needed to refresh and review. Thanks, Janine, for sharing your knowledge.
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I am a new listener. Everything so far has been something that will actually help move my business forward. Thank you so much for all the great info!
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Janine Kelbach offers such encouraging and pertinent information in the Savvy Scribe podcasts, directed toward beginning healthcare writers. Janine desires to assist all who want to enter this field. She offers a variety of topics to her audience in her upbeat, casual presentations, drawing from her own successful experience in building a lucrative business. Additionally, she interviews others in the field of writing to bring perspectives exposing helpful hints (and obstacles to avoid) in growing one’s own writing business. You can’t help but be motivated by Janine’s enthusiasm to see others succeed. I love her positive attitude and her laughter!
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Janine gives so much information here for free! I like her interviews with other writing professionals and I think over all she is an asset for the healthcare writing community. I have learned so much about starting a freelance writing business that I had no information about prior to this podcast.
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Great tips for working from home, marketing and finding your healthcare freelance writing vibe!


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