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Is it time to invest in digital marketing to adapt to the new normal? In any crisis we need to be innovative and creative. Liz is joining us today to share her advice about the importance of using online tools to adjust, define and upgrade your marketing efforts during this critical time.

Liz Teresa is a business owner, mentor, and founder of lizteresa.com, she manages to establish the business to help entrepreneurs to find clarity and uniquely market themselves confidently using the strategic web design, intuitive business, mentorship and clever copywriting services to rise and then start their own business. 

She started her business at the age of 22 with a Master’s in English in 2011 as a result of her first job interview wherein the company offered her a copywriting job to write a product description on their website and it didn’t go well. So, she decided to talk and asked permission from her mother if she can start a business because she wants to help businesses to market their products and services – her mother without hesitation told her to go and help businesses to earn money in exchange for services she could offer. She really wants to be on it and get dirty.

Liz was overwhelmed yet she started the business, hired a few people to do the task for her – she does podcasting and looks for some networking events to meet people who’re into business and offer them help for their business using the internet-friendly way. She’s a licensed insurance agent and thinks that her experience in the insurance industry taught her to sell stuff or anything to people and that what she wants in her business is – to do what insurance agents do.

In that way, she started to get more clients with the help of her team and use online and digital marketing to do her business and help more businesses.

Using copywriting to grow your online business
"Play with business, do some experiment and make it better for the audience. Your business must be growing, changing and adapting if you really want to stand-out and make it to success."
liz teresa
Liz Teresa
Business Mentor

Some businesses and people’s priority isn’t business or investing money in digital marketing their products and service. They love traveling around and when the pandemic hits us and during the global effect, most people are affected and business struggles in their market and sales. Some of them closed for months while others continue to adopt the use of online transactions.

Liz and her team help some business owners to continue their business through digital marketing. They do copywriting, branding, and using online tools to get more customers and to sell their products and services. Out-dated system of business shifts to new and does their business online. Those who do services like spa or massage, shift to sell health and beauty products.

She says that “I talk like I write and my website sounds and feel like me” because “it is a great way to differentiate from everybody else.” She advised not to be afraid and own your voice and stuff. They must write an authentic and easy way to understand the content for customers. Liz is also a millennial that helps her to manage her business and help others.

Liz wants to package her strategy so she creates and offers a master class for entrepreneurs who want to learn and write their own copy for their website; to create magnetic, engaging, and converting content that shows actual and professional copywriters. Despite having professional writers, they too deserve to be paid. Writing is easy, in the sense that you are using the English language to speak and write – she added.

Writing and Digital Marketing Strategies That Convert

  • Writing is an intuitive process and you need to let the client read your content, and your content must be clear and concise.
  • Writing is also a sale and selling is a skill.
  • Doing weird things to get people’s attention is marketing and your website is the living document.
  • Style and strategy is also important in selling.

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