Episode 95: Transformational Marketing Blueprint

In today’s episode, we have Dr. Jürgen Strauss as our guest to talk about his “Transformational Marketing Blueprint”. 

He spent years in both the corporate world and small business world at the intersection of technology, science, human behavior, marketing, and business management.

His philosophy is making marketing human! Marketing blueprint is about building relationships with people we serve; marketing is about enabling people to achieve and excel; it’s about working with people. Their Map places marketing at the heart of the business and mirrors a hero’s journey taken by the customer.

A key part of their marketing map is customer retention; delivering exceptional experiences, helping them solve more problems, and having them share their stories. They work with clients on systems for encouraging reviews, managing reviews, and owning your online reputation.

As a podcast host himself, Jürgen has held meaningful conversations with hundreds of outstanding entrepreneurs from all around the world gaining insight into what makes them ‘tick’, what ‘lights them up’, why they do what they do and what inspiration and value they can add to the rest of the world. The InnovaBuzz Podcast published thrice-weekly is designed to help smart businesses that are committed to innovation, curiosity, service, and modern marketing.

Transformational Marketing Blueprint

1. Getting to know yourself

The Transformational Marketing Blueprint starts by knowing yourself, your own value, why you do what you are doing in business and how it integrates with your personal values. Getting really clear about these things helps you start building a connection with your dream client.

2. Dream client

3. Know the problem

Be clear about the problem and the needs to be addressed.

4. Crafting your message

What’s the transformation that you can make for your customer?

5. Building the connection

man and woman shaking hands in office

Four types of Customer Journey

  1. A customer says: “Nice to meet you but we don’t have anything in common.”
  2. A customer says: “You’ve got something interesting.” It might be your blog post or podcast you’ve made. These are the people that are starting to like you.
  3. People that sign up.
  4. A customer says: “All right, you convince me. You’ve got something I’m interested in.”

6. Delivering your promise

7. Continuing to nurture that

“Existing customers, loyal customers- they’re the ones you look after first.”

Dr. Jürgen Strauss

8. Scaling and repeating

This is where you celebrate because you’ve come this far.

Where do people find their clients

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