Cracking the Code to Consistent Client Work with Scott Stransky

How do you ensure that you will be getting consistent client work the moment you land your first client? This is the secret that our guest, Scott Stransky is going to reveal with us today!

Scott is the founder and content lead at Full-Funnel Content, a boutique content development firm serving the B2B tech industry. After nearly a decade in various sales and client services roles, Scott broke into professional writing by producing case studies for well-known tech brands like Adobe and Cisco. 

Today, Scott is a highly sought after copywriter, content strategist, and business consulting who works with everyone from 10-man startups to global Fortune 500 companies alike. His work includes various long- and short-form content for organizations serving industries like cloud computing, HR tech, software-as-a-service, and both mental and physical health platform providers.

Scott presently resides in Denver, CO with his Nurse Practitioner wife, Hailey, and their 2 year-old reservation rescue dog, Gus. 

Scott’s career path:

Getting a Consistent Client Work

Getting a Consistent Client Work with His Project Called “Cracking the Code for Consistent Client”

“I want them to make the decision that they need more than 15-20 mins to talk to me so that gives me the time that I need to explain my background and convince them that working with me is a better option than working with another writer.”

“They’re more interested in how little they can spend versus what they get for their money.”

Connect with Scott on social media: www.linkedin/com/in/sjstransky

Check out his website! His awesome work speaks why he is getting client work:

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