Episode 91: Save Restaurants, Feed Nurses: A Passion Project by Jill Cohen

Episode 91: Save Restaurants, Feed Nurses: A Passion Project by Jill Cohen

This is a surprise live with my guest here today, Jill. She is here to tell us a lot about her struggles in this little passion project she has: Save Restaurants, Feed Nurses.

Jill Cohen is working as a remote nurse right now in a virtual team with a group called One Medical Group, their primary care group. She worked in a hospital for twenty years and eighteen years in the ER. She wanted to use her degree in English and writing back into her nursing career so she started shifting gears. 

She realized that she has this flexibility. She took what she knows and did a little bit of a passion project on the side. We are going to talk about her struggles in the messaging that she put forth and how that relates to us as writers. We will also tackle other essential things like what we write for clients, how we struggle with messaging, and how she overcomes that. But we’re going to talk more about her passion project because she thinks it can really help many of the nurses in the frontline right now. 

As the months of the pandemic started wearing on, Jill fell for the people who are still on the frontline who she’s not working alongside anymore, in harm’s way, at-risk, being understaffed, and overworked. People are having a really hard time. She noticed that the efforts at the beginning of the pandemic, there are great efforts to help nurses and boost morale. There’s a program that feeds the frontliners but in the next few months, it died down.

Jill thought that they need it now more than ever because we have months on top of months of more backbreaking work and that when you really need the boost, support, help, the show of recognition and appreciation. Just someone who’ll give you free food is of really great help and appreciation. So she came up with the idea to resuscitate those efforts. 

She raised the money and connected with a local restaurant to give free food to the frontliners.

nurse passion project

Some Inspirations to Pursue Your Passion Project

As a writer, she shares some tips for those who’d like to pursue a passion project: 

  • She thinks about something for two weeks before writing it down.
  • Know what you’re going to be up against. What are the counter-arguments? 
  • You have to start thinking about what people are going to say in response that’s who are possibly not on your side. 
  • Have someone look over your work who doesn’t write and think exactly as you do. Everybody needs an editor for anything that you submit. Before you send it to an editor you have to try to put it in your audience’s shoes as well. 
  • Learn to know what is the hook that needs to stay and answer enough questions that are doable. There are some things that can be hammered later. 

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“Spread some goodness where we can and give support, and give some love.”

Jill Cohen

Connect with Jill:

Email: BackLinesFeedTheFront@gmail.com

Facebook: @backlinesfeedthefront

Instagram: @backlinesfeedthefront

Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/backlinesfeedthefront

Thank you for whatever you can give! And please share with your friends. It helps spread the word and gives more people the opportunity to contribute. Let’s help nurses and restaurants to make this through the pandemic. Nurses are stronger together. 

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