6 types of writing

Welcome to another episode, Savvy Scribes! Today I’m talking all about the 6 different types of writing you can do as a freelancer. Let’s deep-dive on each one of them, shall we?

Web Content Writing

I’m going with this one of the types of writing because it is mostly what I do and market. This encompasses all the types of web writing, from articles in which we post through the Insiders Group, social media content, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. You could specialize in this type of writing because you can make it very SEO-driven. It takes a lot of time and training to become an expert, but it can take the companies outlook to a whole new level.


Another area of web writing is copywriting. My friend Nicki from the recent episode offers courses on this specific type of writing, as well as Michelle from Health Writers Hub. If you want to become a social media manager or a virtual assistant, Gina Horkey has a lot of courses that you can learn from

Technical Writing

Technical writing is one of the types of writing that takes technical writers to have advanced skills to take complex descriptions from explanations and make them very clear to read or in short layman’s terms. Have you ever seen those user manuals in new equipment? They have precise and understandable instructions because of these great technical writers!

Business Writing

Just like technical writing, this is one of the types of writing included in a specialized area. It is used in a professional setting and a kind of a purposeful piece of writing that delivers relevant information to the reader in a clear, concise, and effective manner. It includes client proposals, reports, memos, emails, and notices. Your capability in business writing is vital for effective communication in the workplace or with clients.

Periodical or Newspaper Writing

Newspaper articles are written largely by newspaper staff and editors with day-to-day events, like interviews or updates about topics. I’ve seen job postings for this and you can now work remotely. 

Instructional Writing

Focuses on education, you can create courses, textbooks, workshops, tutoring instructions, exam prep materials, and more. I think of my friend Deanna Gillingham, she was also a guest on this episode. When she was looking to study for a case management exam and couldn’t find any material, she wrote exam prep material for case managers instead. So, if you have an idea for a product too, create it. Deanna is living a 6-figure life now because of one product!

Ghost Writing

At first, I didn’t really know what ghostwriting is because I’m a nurse and we are not really familiar with this kind of term. So, as I learned, a ghostwriter is someone that writes articles, speeches, books, blog posts, email newsletters, or web copy, under somebody else name. All the credit goes to the client or business that hired you.

Did you have to stick to one area?

I think not, I’ve done almost all of these types and in my opinion, it’s better to mix these types of writing to avoid boredom, and it will let you see which one you don’t enjoy and you do enjoy. I also think that it’s cool, because this is where you can expand your knowledge as a writer!

Pitching on all kinds of writing can increase your client load, and eventually, turn them into permanent or retainer clients.


So, which of these types of writing do you want to get into?

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