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Goal setting can be as simple or as complicated as you wish for it to be but with the right practices in place, it can help elevate your business to a new level of success and provide a base from which you can work to get there.

In today’s episode, we have Inessa A.N. Sage, author, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. We will be talking about goal setting and her insights and tips for authors or creatives. Better to take notes, folks!

Currently, Inessa is on her 9th book! And as I mentioned before she is a YA fantasy and sci-fi author. She is a photography graduate from Ryerson University, Toronto Canada, quite different from the career she now enjoys. She started writing while in school, like poetry and short stories, moved to New York to chase the art scene, and stayed there for a couple of years. But when she came back, photography has taken on a trend that she’s not prepared for, and that made her realize that it’s not her calling.

Inessa also worked her way up to managing teams, first in retail, then in a creative field, until she became a Senior Director. With her love for creativity, she quickly realizes that she wants to be one of the people who create and not the person who manages others.

She also tried her hands on Etsy shop, about planning and organization, which is not surprising because she’s a confessed stationery junkie! But as soon as the shop started to take off, she ended up working a full-time job, that’s when she started feeling burned out.

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The positive thing that it did though, was to spark the creative need inside of her that made her start writing again, and then one day, she had an idea for a book, took a million writing courses, stumbled a bit, but she grew and became a full-time writer

She still does freelance for a couple of clients to give herself a break from strictly novel writing, while rebranding her shop, and publishing novels. With three jobs under her belt, she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, which is a good thing because you never know! Coronavirus shut down the world. 

How to Set Goals If You’re Multi-Passionate (and Obtaining Them)

Goal setting is not a wishy-washy thing that people did where they made mood boards cut things out, print things from Pinterest, and visualize their lives. But if you treat it as a project or a roadmap to where you want to be, it can be a powerful tool especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a creative business owner. Because it helps you narrow down the direct route that you are taking without you getting sidetracked. 

Here is a breakdown of goal setting you can realistically work through:

Whether your goal setting is focused on your business or personal life, we have an available planner to help you organize everything in one place. Visit our Digital Shop to grab your own printable/downloadable Digital Planner!

That’s the thing with goal setting, you kind of bulk the task you have, and if some of them won’t give you the return on the time that you’re investing in those, then they don’t have to stay. You can just focus on what’s actually going to get you to the endpoint, which is what we want.

Inessa A.N. Sage

Big goals can be scary but if you break it down, you can focus on a smaller task step by step and you’ll be surprised how many things you’ll get done!

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