Episode 81: 11 Writing Tools to Amp Your Blogging with Adrianne Behning

I am so thrilled to have Adrianne Behning on the show to share with us 11 different writing tools and strategies that she uses in blogging. It will definitely put your blogging game on a whole new different level. 

Adrianne Behning is the host of Nursing Uncensored Podcast. She’s an intermediate pulmonary care nurse at a level one trauma center in the Midwest. She’s also an artist and informal educator, blogger, and podcaster.

11 Writing Tools to Streamline Your Blogging


The notepad on your phone. She thinks that it is an underutilized tool and those who use it are fanatical about it.  Adrienne said that it’s her go-to app where she has different types of lists. It’s more like her temporary storage.

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google keep is a little fancier than the notepad. I use google keep for my notes. I love that I can search within it. While Adrienne uses google keep as her permanent storage or a file cabinet.

Google Drive

She said she uses this app to any notes she wants to become something. Plus, it’s great for sharing.

Grammarly – Browser Extension

It is more accurate in spell check and less annoying than other applications. It helps you with tone a little bit. It also corrects your typing.

Voice Dream

This application will read any document you type into. A great time saver. You can listen to any articles or essays while folding laundry.



This type of application is great for team projects and communication with the team. It’s like an elaborate network of post-it notes. You can set up boards for different types of projects you are working with and use it to keep track of your multiple projects. You can create an alarm, checklist, tag, etc. You can also share it with other people or your team.

Click Up

If Trello is good, ClickUp is way better. The good thing is you can import what’s on your Trello in here. You can customize it the way you want it or the way it suits your needs. You can make it look like Asana or Trello.

Versatility – That’s the mark of a good app when everyone can find a lot of ways to use it.

Adrienne Behnin

Photoshop App

It is a free app for editing and is very easy to use.



Adrienne got most of the images she uses for her from Unsplash. There’s a lot of good photos in here.


The images that she got in Unsplash will then be processed in Prisma. Where she put filters on and tweak it in a way that matches her needs. It is a stylized art.


A multipurpose application that you can use from your kid’s birthday party invitation and the way through social media images to promote. Try using these things in a different way.


A great resource and a great study material.


This app auto posts your content. You can add 21 hashtags in your post on Pinterest and it will make your visibility a lot better.

Linktree – In Browser Service

It stores links. You can have a Linktree for any collection that you have. You can use this for any number of collections that you want to send to people. You have to have a legit email address to use this.

Rocket Book

You can scan a QR code on the notebook and it will store your notes, lists, or albums in your cloud.

What writing tools do you like from our list or have you used them in a different way? 

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