Episode 75: Following Up with Prospects After the Uncomfortable Silence

Ever have an amazing pitch (in your opinion), but your potential client has not said one word? Today, we’re talking about following up with clients, less annoyingly.

Just know that pitching is something you have to do and you will also get a lot of pitches out. Sometimes you’ll get 1 or 2 great clients because it’s just how following up works.

Let’s talk about first that exciting feeling you get when you’re ready to start a project, ready to get more clients, and ready to start your health writing business.

So you just want to follow up quickly. Like when you send out a cold pitch and you wanna follow up even the next day because you’re sitting there an hour waiting for their reply and maybe no response yet. But you have to relax because these content directors and content managers have a lot on their plate but unfortunately, you’re not their number one priority. So, you have to wait for at least 3 to 4 business days, which means don’t send a pitch on a Friday and follow up on a Monday.

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Remember the business days because that’s when people want you to send them an email. They don’t want an email on Saturdays or Sundays because you may not want to work on weekends and the same with them. So “make sure you guard your space a little bit too”.

Also when you send a pitch you have to have some sort of call to action, meaning do what you want your reader to do. Like, do you want them just to reply to say they are interested? Or applying saying no thanks and that’s still ok. You’d rather know that they’re not interested than keep following up and following up and not hearing anything from them because in your head there is still a potential.

Following Up Can Be Easy Using Some Tools in Gmail!

In The Savvy Scribe Collective Group as well as in courses, I’ve shared a pitch template that you can use. It documents the clients, the email addresses that you’re using and maybe you’re using 2 different kinds of pitch templates in your email. The cool thing about Gmail, you can save different templates and you can kinda split test it to see which pitches are working. So, try different tactics when following-up.

The biggest takeaway I want you guys to do is to pitch pitch pitch pitch pitch pitch but don’t forget that following up may pay off.

The fortunes are in the follow-up and sometimes it is the follow-up that gets them to respond.

Have a great day and go get your write on!

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