Adding B2B Writing to your Skill Set with Ruthie Bowles

Are you a nurse writer going through B2C or Business to Consumer writing? Have you tried B2B writing yet? Today’s guest, Ruthie Bowles, an expert in the B2B industry, will take us to the medical side of the B2B sector of writing and why you should add it to your skillset. What is it all about and how it will benefit you and your client?

Ruthie Bowles, Founder of Defy The Status Quo, explains that B2B is Business to Business and arguably, all of us are B2B professionals because all of us are looking to work with other companies. If you want to leverage your services, opting to or learning how B2B writing works could really benefit you a lot.

A lesser-used one is called B2G which means business to government. She provided Amazon as a great example of huge commercial companies that use these types of segments. This company makes use of B2C, it also does B2B, and at the same time, it also utilizes the B2G segment where they do contracts with the government.

Why Should Nurses Think About Using B2B Writing and Example Scenarios

Many companies consider B2B because it is a type of content that is a bit more professional because they are seeking to work with other companies.

A few examples of this aspect in the medical field:

Benefits for Nurses

woman in yellow shirt writing on white paper

Value and Certification

Companies don’t only want someone who has the knowledge to write content about the medical industry but someone who has actual experience in this field. So, if nurse writers tie their medical knowledge and experience together, they can empathize about the events in the medical industry, allowing them to put more value on the content that they deliver. B2B writing can help them become more qualified for the position as a medical writer. B2B companies also put more attention to your certification for them to determine if what makes you qualified.


So, what’s the difference in rate between working with B2C companies and B2B companies? B2B companies have larger market because they gain bigger purchases. That said, they pay higher rates for B2B writing compared to B2C companies.

“If you can tie your medical experience and your medical knowledge to the types of things that your target client’s market would be looking for, when you understand their struggles and you understand their business side, you’ll create content that will tap into that while leveraging your medical experience and medical knowledge.”

Ruthie Bowles

Types and Uses of B2B Writing

Have you decided to leverage your skills and add B2B writing to your services? Or do you need more tips? Keep listening and grab more insights from Ruthie!

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