Episode 66: 4 Tips to Improve your Messaging with 6-Figure Copywriter Abbi Perets

Abbi Perets is a copywriter with 20 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world and the coach moms turn to when they want to break into freelance writing. As a mom of 5 kids, including one with significant special needs, Abbi understands the unique challenges moms face when they build businesses. She’s with us today to share some essential tidbits about improving your messaging when writing.

Improving Your Messaging + Other Valuable Topics

How Copywriting Saved Her

She started over 20 yrs ago. She was hired as a junior copywriter for a boutique agency in Israel. She didn’t know what a junior copywriter was. She figured that she would learn that on the job, and so she did. They would give her things like “please write me this” and she did that for about a year.

She then decided she wants to be a freelance writer and again, she doesn’t have any clue what that meant but she figured that she could work it out on the way. She’s been freelancing for over 20 yrs. She said that everything that she learned, she learned by doing it. And the past couple of years she’s been making 6 figures. It is totally possible. You could actually do the work but there is a path and you can follow the path.

So she encourages everyone to literally follow the path of someone who’s more successful and just do what they’re doing and that will take you to the same kind of success that they’re having.

How to Help “Save” Other Moms

She always wants to share the knowledge with moms not only in terms of delivering good messaging. So she starts deciding more like putting together a formal course in this process. She started looking into all of the writing that goes into putting that together. So she started looking for clients who needed that course.

A couple of things happen all at once while in the process of the course. She has this course and she was hanging out with other people who work creating courses. And so, all of a sudden, she has this specialty that she can get very good at. She also had great solid processes on the work that she was doing. She was able to find a niche.

improving your messaging

4 Tips on How to Improve Your Messaging

  1. Don’t wait for the year for you to niche down for the sake of all your sanity and bank accounts and other things.
  2.  Take the “I” off the page and replace it with “you”. Switching it up helps that reader into whatever you’re writing and I recommend doing this everywhere as much as possible. I recommend this on your “About Me” page certainly on any pages that you’re writing for a client to improve your messaging.
  3. Being a writer is not being afraid to ask “why” like a toddler. But why? Just keep asking that to help you and your client understand your ‘why.’
  4. Don’t lie and treat people well. Don’t say you’re going to deliver this in two days when it’s not possible to deliver it in two days. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Don’t lie about your schedule. Take a Friday off or whatever day you want.

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