Double your Writing Speed with Expert Daphne Gray-Grant

Daphne Gray-Grant teaches business owners, academics, corporate communicators, book writers, and others how to banish writer’s block so they can boost their writing speed with happiness and ease.

She started her career in the writing world in a family business, then started in a large metropolitan daily company as a senior editor. She became a director of communications and then did something big — she had TRIPLETS!

WOW! (don’t mind my little tangent about my labor and delivery nursing)
– shout out to my twin @jackie!

She decided to try to work from home. Found out quickly that working at home with three infants was not for her…at first.

We talked about our big differences, she hated writing and I hate editing, and she provided tips on how to cope with both!

Daphne shared her tips to boost your writing speed

tips to boost your writing speed

With her skills, she doubled her writing speed AND enjoys writing now (as well as enjoys editing!) I also found out that I am part of that 20% of people who like writing hate editing. Most people hate the writing part!

She hated writing but loved editing. Every time she writes she got so stressful, painful, and slow. To find a solution to her problem, she went to every book she could find about writing, she talked to a lot of people, she did a lot of experimenting and in the end, she was able to double her writing speed. She turned writing into something she enjoyed doing.

Basic principles that’ll make a difference to most of the people who find writing slow and painful:

The best pieces of advice she can give to somebody who just started to freelance writing business or any business at home.

Tips to start writing faster:

Take a look at her website and go get some accountability if you need it!

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Mindmapping deep dive:

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