Grow by Learning to Delegate in Your Freelance Writing Business

In this Savvy Scribe Episode, I talk all about OUTSOURCING. It saves my life when I started to delegate tasks that I don’t have time to do or I just hate to do.

What is it?

As you grow your business you are gonna start outsourcing because it is the only way you grow. You can only take so much by yourself in the limited time you have in your day. Outsourcing allows you the time to refocus priorities as a business owner and use your talents where you need to.

Who does it?

Many business owners, they often think that they can do it all and they don’t want to outsource anything because they are control freak. Like me, I do like things done in a certain way and do not always think that the person taking it over is going to do as well as you, so I am very careful when I delegate.

What to do?

Analyze your time and the entire task that you are doing in your business. Look at the things that you really like doing or you hate doing and the ones that are taking up the most of your time, these are the ones that you wanna get rid of.

Make sure that money makes sense when you delegate it. You will look at the results of having somebody else do these things for you.

Hiring a virtual assistant.

You have to be very clear in your communication. Use a tool like Loom which you can share your screen, save the video, and play it for your virtual assistant, or you can do something like a zoom call to be able to train them exactly how you want them to know to get through everything.

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What are the things that you can delegate?

I mentioned the things I delegate and an approach on how to do it for yourself. Then, I dive into my personal life and shares tips on what I outsource in the home.

  1. My grocery shopping. I use Instacart when doing my groceries. – Give $10 Get $10 code
  2. Babysitting. I have used my mom to babysit while I have to finish off some writing projects. But I have known a lot of freelancers that actually hire babysitters so that they can work on their business.
  3. Meal prep. I have used those meal prep places in the past. I also love my Instapot, anything to make my cooking and meal planning more efficient. I also use Emeals.
  4. I hired someone to clean my house because again I can use that time in my business.
  5. Lawn care and landscaping. I like to do a little bit of it but not all of it.
  6. I use Ubereats or Doordash for the meal delivery if I just wanna order out
  7. Nail care or self-care
  8. Vacation planner
  9. Moonpig it’s a card store. You can actually send greeting cards to people10.
  10. I use Stitch Fix. It’s a personal shopper for your clothing.

I hope all of these things I’ve given you have at least helped you to brainstorm thoughts about outsourcing. What can you do in your life to give you more back from your time?

What (if anything) do you delegate?

Fun fact: Learning the right strategies to delegate has made my mom-freelance life easier!

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