LinkedIn Fact: Do I REALLY need to publish on it for it to work for me?

It’s not a secret, LinkedIn is one of the largest lead generators for not only writers but companies throughout the nation.

Do I really need to publish on Linkedin?

Carol talks about our recommendations for LinkedIn — Take a listen and give us your feedback in our Facebook Group!

Can this social platform work for you if you don’t publish it? It sure can.
Take ACTION with these tips Carol has for you today!

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It’s no secret, LinkedIn is one of the biggest lead generators not only for writers but for companies across the country. Carol talks about our recommendations for them. Listen to us and give us your feedback in our Facebook group. If you don’t post it, can the platform work for you? I can believe it.

Now, let’s be honest. When was the last time you logged into LinkedIn and changed something in your profile? And I don’t mean just commenting and liking the content. I mean really change something physically. Now, I will say that I teach that social can be one of those sets and forget about it, but truthfully, I’m just saying that the people I know will never go back to that social site.

Will go until their life changes. Mainly therapists or nurses, professionals for whom LinkedIn is not a part of their daily lives. As many members of the Healthcare Marketing Network will tell you, they began their careers as therapists. So LinkedIn wasn’t really important to them. Your LinkedIn profile header should be attractive because most of the ideal client relies upon your profile.

To promote your profile you must have to follow a series of steps:

Except these, there are many other tricks related to Healthcare Marketing that I will share with you in further podcast episodes.

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