Episode 22 – Five Savvy Strategies to Prepare for an Encore Career as a Health Writer

Five Savvy Strategies to Prepare for an Encore Career as a Health Writer

Carol shares 5 savvy strategies she employed while preparing for an encore career as a health writer.

What are Encore Entrepreneurs?

Contrary to what you might guess, the highest rate of entrepreneurial growth for the last few years is not Gen Y upstarts but Boomers at the age of 50. They are called Encore Entrepreneurs, in fact, according to the most index by Kaufman Foundations and recent small business administration reports, these Encore entrepreneurs are actually driving a new entrepreneurship boom. We definitely see that in emails, interest, and listeners subscribing to the Savvy Scribe Podcast!

Some people are calling entrepreneurship the new mid-life crisis, after all, Encore entrepreneurs are used to being considered as graying and retiring. This is partially due to the economy and changes in job tenures, as boomers or Encore entrepreneurs they are now expected to remain in the workforce longer. And according to a recent US news article, they are likely to dominate the labor market by 2024! Encore entrepreneurs are game-changers!

At our Savvy Scribe Collective, we have people from different backgrounds that are launching a profitable business, making it fit with their lifestyle, and earning 6-8 figures!

Is being a health writer the right path for you?

Carol is grateful for being able to write and create a business. Now, she continued her journey as a podcast host and mentor to high-performing health writers, this has brought immense satisfaction and creative energy to her life. For those of you who are looking for or preparing for a transition into an encore career that involves writing and creating content. She would like to share five strategies that she believes helped her to make the change a success.

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5 Helpful Strategies to Successfully Transition into Your Encore Career 

Plan Ahead. After transitioning to become a writer, she prepared by researching and made adjustments. 

These are the areas you need to plan ahead:

  • Retirement – You want to maximize contribution to your retirement fund and savings. You could do this by increasing work hours, changes in deductions, or increased contributions.
  • Look at family finances – Know exactly what you will need to contribute to the salary and benefits after switching into your primary career as a writer. 
  • Future work opportunities – If full retirement is not possible you may consider exploring whether reduced or flexible work hours, there are many opportunities out there. 

When in Your Day Job be Transparent and Make a Transition Plan. If you know you couldn’t work for full-time work, participate in family life, and write for clients, partition it out. And discover the power of co-working! 

Here are two key actions for a transition plan:

  • Look and explore transitional work opportunities. 
  • Work to improve your craft. Attend workshops and connect with other writers.

Find Others Who Share Your Interest. “The change of identity that goes with career changes can be unsettling, and joining others in moving towards this brand new you is a positive way to cope.” So, where can you find a tribe of writers? Besides the Savvy Scribes, there are other writer communities you can find. 

Keep Your Expectations Reasonable. It takes time to learn new skills, time to adjust to another schedule, and time to figure out who you want to be in your new role as a high performing writer. Be realistic and be patient with yourself. 

You Have Time to Specialize. It’s not too late. Despite all the hurdles in your journey, always be present and move forward.

So, now is the time to follow your passion. We love to support you!

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