How to Tackle a Big Project - A Lesson Learned from My Book

In this episode, your host Janine Kelbach shares the lessons she learned while writing her book, EntrepreNURSE, and also talks about the right ways to tackle a big project with ease.

How to Tackle a Big Project

Today, we will talk about how to tackle a big project and other ridiculous things easily. This will help you to manage your business and also it would be helpful in your personal life. The reason this episode came to mind because I did struggle to finish the book, and everybody is pushing her to complete it. However, I couldn’t get into it, don’t get me wrong, I love working on my book but it can be tiring juggling home life, my business, and my job as a nurse. Plus, I’m in the editing phase, and we all know that I hate editing! Then I thought why not make this ridiculously easy? So, let’s have a look at the tips and tricks, using which you can tackle any project.

Do one thing a day that scares you.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Think about it, are those tasks scaring you? Is there something in your business that intimidates you and keeps on putting off because you think it’s too big to handle? You might be. But remember that it’s much easier for you to tackle a big project if you break it down.

Think of yourself as a partner during the season of survival. View the journey ahead as a game that can be won through the Smart Alliance Building. Each challenge you face will give you the opportunity to solve the problem. Recognize and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Break the purpose of your mission into a set of small projects. When a project stalls, put it down and focus on another exercise. Over time, you will find success in measurement.

Recognizing that large projects take time to execute, begin complex sections as quickly as possible to ensure that you reach the finish line. Take advantage of the work and efforts of other innovators around you. Collaborate where you can and find ways to add value to existing initiatives. Many hands work lightly.

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Another way to tackle a big project is to identify all the people who will influence your progress – who can help you, and who can be more skeptical. Find ways to work with skeptics to get their support, or navigate around them. Be prepared for stakeholders and ideas about how to support your ideas. Use the SCARF framework and take advantage of what we know about neuroscience by appealing to people’s status, belief, autonomy, relevance, and desire for justice.

Offer to work on things that people around you care about, even if they aren’t in your mission plan. Shared goals will strengthen trust and foster a solid working relationship. Being tasked with an unfamiliar project can be incredibly daunting, but when you approach it with a great attitude and a well thought out strategy, it’s much more doable than you think! Do you have any tips for everyone who is looking to tackle a big project that you’d like to add to this list? Feel free to send us an email. Keep in touch with further content.

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