Connections and Confidence - 2 Pieces of the New Health Writer Business Puzzle with Shawna Kratochwill

Shawna Kratochwill is with us today talking about her biggest takeaways from her recent coaching experience. Shawna is a brand new health writer, a beginner writer, walking you through her journey, starting with The Savvy Scribe Growth Lab and The Savvy Scribe Collective.

I relate a lot to Shawna’s story of starting out in the health writing world. A little beginner insight for those who think they might be ready to escape the burnout at the bedside as a nurse.

What Is It Like to Be a New Health Writer

Shawna has done a lot of things. Most of her RN experience has been in critical care hospitals. The awesome thing in critical hospitals is that it’s a small hospital and you get to dip your hands in every unit and every situation. And since last May, she’s working in long term care. She also started her own website in January.

In early 2018, she had a traumatic experience as a nurse. She was assaulted by one of her patients, so she started looking for a non-bedside nursing opportunity. And she was thinking along the lines of maybe doing an insurance claim, something like that because she didn’t know that medical writing was even a thing. So, while she was on Pinterest searching, Carol and I kept popping up as nurse entrepreneurs on her screen and we introduced her to medical writing as a second career for nurses.

She had done writing as a staff nurse. She was on a committee that she was writing policies, protocols and evidence based. She really liked it and people liked her things that she has written. She always liked writing, so it just kind of converged on all her experiences.

Ruler and laptop on a desk

During her journey, Shawna had made connections and confidence. Connections and confidence are 2 pieces of the new health writer business. Confidence is an effective proxy for engagement and can be easily measured in oneself. She lives for her entire life like enforcing the things that she believes and her coaching experience is giving her confidence to go forward and to run her own business. She trusted her own voice and started making connections with people in this space, and when she’s a new health writer, The Savvy Scribe Growth Lab guided her when she felt like she didn’t know what she’s doing.

Shawna will just keep diving into the medical writing career. She wants to grow her heartbeat content website to start shifting her income source because in 2020 her ultimate goal is to be her own boss.

I feel like connections and confidence are two mission pieces a lot of the time. You don’t have the connection and you don’t have the confidence because you’re a new health writer? It’s okay, we’ll try to guide you through that. But truly it’s in yourself, if you don’t have the motivation, it’s hard to get through it. You also have to be organized, like you have to have some strategic plan on how to get there and where to find the time.

Shawna Kratochwill

Keep looking out for Shawna because she’s going places and we will definitely do another recap with Shawna when she’s full time and see how her journey is going.

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