Episode 17- Preparing for the Freelance Famine

Preparing for the Freelance Famine

In this episode, Janine talks all about the FREELANCE FAMINE! That down time between projects that can wreak havoc on our psyche and quite honestly sometimes our bank account, too. 

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to scare you. We want to prepare you because it will happen.

Your host, Janine Kelbach, will talk about her recent famine, and how she handled it (did she really take her own advice?) and she will share some practical tips on what to do during your next famine (and how to cope)!

Like anything, freelancing comes with a set of positives and negatives, but one thing is for sure – if freelancing is the path you want to take, you must prepare for what we call it, freelance famine. And that’s why you’re tuning in today!

More Information About Freelance Famine

The seasons of freelancing

Over the last 4-5 years, there are seasons that are slower than others in the freelance world. And it’s the opposite of your nursing job, it kind of balances each other but let’s be honest this slow can make you a little nervous.

  • Summer. This season can definitely get slower, we can get distracted easily and we are not focused as much as we want to on our work. There will also be a significant slow in clients too because they can also be not much into their business. But that’s okay, it is a human thing, we do need to relax and take little breaks to avoid getting burned out.
  • Holidays. At this time of year, a lot of people go on vacation. Business owners or clients don’t focus on their business because they are looking for an escape to celebrate the holidays. But for freelancers we are motivated to get ready for the holidays, we want to work to pay more for Christmas time and other things in life. It is slow like the weather and nobody wants to go out when it’s cold and gloomy, so, why not write? But it’s not there. 
  • Around October-ish. This month is getting closer to the holiday season, and companies are looking at their budget. And because of changes in their budget, they will cut off some services. Seeing this sign of freelance famine would make you truly panic. It as if you would lose a client. So, here is what you can do first, take a deep breath, let it sink in for a minute, and you need to get back out there.

5 Ways to Get Through a Freelance Famine

1. Pitching. We go back to this one all the time, but you can pitch on a variety of ways. Send a letter of introduction on a competitor of the client you lost or go through topics with a different niche. The important thing is you pitch in every way you can.

2. Look at your Website. Maybe it’s time for you to do some updating, look at your website, add the things that you wanted to do when you lack the time or just about anything that reflects who you are and your services.

3. Find your Tribe. Find people who are like-minded like you. People get in jobs because they know people, so look around to network on whatever platform that is.

“It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know now.”

Janine kelbach

4. Online Presence. Choose the social platform where your clients are or choose the one where a tribe can be and focus on that. Start to let yourself known to be a thought leader in your area of expertise.

5. Never Stop Learning. Look for courses or webinar, or maybe you need to renew your license. This is the time you can use to learn and update your knowledge.

Freelance famine is real. We all know it can be scary and unsure, but that’s okay, don’t mope. You’ll find new clients, it won’t take forever but it does take perseverance.

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