What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

Confused? Of course, you are. That’s why I made this episode for those who don’t know what to do with their current overwhelming situation.

The ideas we have as writers are constantly circling our brains. We sometimes get overwhelmed to the point that it inhibits you from starting anything.

3 Tips on what to do (when you don’t know what to do)

This episode can help you with clarity and visualizing you ideas when you don’t know what to do in business or in life.

Here are 3 ways you can do to deal with those overwhelming ideas:

I first discovered this when I was starting my business, because I felt overwhelmed. And that feeling doesn’t go away, making me feel like I need to do something but I don’t know what to do or how to get started. When I was starting WriteRN.net, I didn’t know the direction to go, I started and hoped for the best. I networked with a lot of people that became my mentors and a coach along the way which became the greatest help I can get out there. 

To make a brain dump, the first thing is to get anything that you could write on. It can be cardboard, scratch paper, or even a paper towel. (That’s what we usually do in the hospital!) Take time to get rid of those thoughts in your head, and because I have a lot of sections in my life, I take a piece of paper and divide it into 4 areas. Jot down the four areas, Home and personal, WriterRn, Hospital, and Research, then list down all the things you need to do on the row where it belongs.

This can help you get a workflow, ideas, commitments, and to-do list out of your head and onto a physical list where you can be easily reminded.

Stress is one of the causes why times come that you don’t know what to do yet you feel overwhelmed with a lot of things. Did you ever wonder why your best ideas seem to come when you are in the shower, walking, or listening to music? It’s because of the surge of dopamine that’s released in our brains when we are relaxing. Our tension turns away especially after a brain dump that helps us truly think about those ideas. This Zen state of mind will be beneficial to you to be creative and be more focused on your life or your work. This can also be a solution for you to overcome writer’s block.

Carol and I have a group going on called The Savvy Scribe Collective. We are a collective group of freelancers that help and support each other because we know what you’re going through, we all have been there. We have a lot of experienced freelancers in that group who are willing to give information, resources, and guide you. A lot of freelancers started their journey but they don’t know what to do, too so, you are not alone through this.

The hardest thing being an entrepreneur is feeling you are alone.

If you are not sure about your journey and don’t know what to do, reach out, and feel free to send us a message. Connect with me or Carol. This is the easy way for you to have a connection with a person that can understand what you go through.

I hope these steps can help you and give you clarity! Now go and get your write on!

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