Accountability in Business: How to Gain Momentum In Your Business and Push Forward

How do you keep yourself accountable while running your business? In today’s episode, Janine shares how she puts accountability in business and how it helps you gain momentum in your goals and push forward. 

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What is Accountability in Business

Accountability is all about describing your accepting responsibility and it can public or private. In this podcast, we will see how to be accountable and how you can move your business forward.

If you accept responsibility for your own actions, you are responsible. Accountability in business is a nomenclature that describes responsibility for acceptance and can be private or very public. The actions and behaviors of an individual are accountable. Sometimes, though, taking accountability means you made a mistake. Punishment can result, but accountability shows ownership and willingness to admit mistakes.

“Accountability is a responsibility.”

This freelance writing world can be lonely and it can be easy to get off track. Especially with kids, hospital jobs, and things to do with your business. It’s hard but we need to do what we have to do.

My Accountability Partners

It is important that we have people that remind us of things we need to do and encourage us to be the best of ourselves. My first partner is of course my husband, great support in my business. He was the one who set up my LLC, he supports what I do, and he was always so proud of my achievements.

While he is not the best person that keeps me accountable with my deadlines, he helps in the sense that he reminds me to work if I need to work and that is understandable because he has no idea of the things I work on. The other partner I have is my oldest, he is 12 years old and he just went off to 7th Grade. This summer he was a great help with my business, watching my youngest an hour here or there, so that I can cement things, get things edited, or whatever I need to do to get that work done.

For myself I get up very early around 4:30 and 5:00, I try to get to bed early but if I don’t I still force myself to get up because you gotta make it a habit.

Building a culture of accountability in the workplace requires clear and aligned around the desired outcomes. You should identify the top three to five key outcomes that the organization must achieve in order to be successful.

Key results should be meaningful, memorable, and measurable, and every employee within the organization should be clearly and consistently informed through a top-down approach. Accounting employees take ownership of the psychological property to find solutions that drive key business results, which naturally promotes engagement in the workplace.

Accountability enables employees to not only identify the key gap between current and desired results and take ownership to fill those gaps, but also to develop and implement effective and innovative solutions to existing problems. Be creative to troubleshoot creations as well.

I wanna hear from you guys! Do you have some tips to add on how you can be Accountable with your own freelance business?

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