Pharm D, Author & BroPreneur Tony Guerra and His Successful Journey

Carol Bush welcomed Tony Guerra, Pharm D and host of the Pharmacy Leaders Podcast to The Savvy Scribe to talk about being a creator, author, and teaching Pharmacist.

Meet Tony Guerra – Pharm D, Author & BroPreneur!

I am excited to welcome our good friend Tony Guerra, Pharm D and Author, who you can find on Twitter. Tony is a nurse’s best friend because he’s a pharmacist! So, welcome to the show, Tony.

In this podcast episode, we will learn about Tony’s successful journey. Tony started his career as a teacher of Chemistry in a college, then Pharmacology to some nursing students. Most of the service of Tony is in the field of Pharmacology.

The major flaw in our community is that everyone thinks you need a degree to grow your business. We need to change the community regarding this flaw.

We touch on LinkedIn. We also talk about giving attention to the client and ask questions related to the client’s project until you are sure about the client’s demand. Tony is the champion of the Healthcare Market, because of his experience in this market. Tony’s formula for success is to have meetings with students or table talks to help them and share information about the healthcare community. Health marketing is an approach to public health promotion that applies traditional marketing principles and theories alongside science-based strategies to protect and promote the health of diverse populations.

Tony’s Books:

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