Write RN October Income Report – JUST Shy of 2K at a Part-Time Level

Hello fellow freelancers,

Wow! October is over! Gahh!! Where does the time go? I don’t know about you, but 2017 was a blink.

This October we celebrated:

1 year in our home
And our youngest turning 5
And our oldest half-way to 13!

…WHAT?! I cannot be that old to have a teenager!

We had some events in the Kelbach house that deterred me from working. My youngest had oral surgery and broke his finger in the same week. I also had an in-office surgery I had done.

That being said, I didn’t pitch enough to new clients, but I did work a lot on my business.

Let’s check-in.

family photo

Recap of October!

My Wins this October!

Why share bad times?

*|FNAME|*, I do a lot of blogging, and believe it or not, these income reports give the most traffic. I believe it is because people are curious, and people want to know if they can do it. Let me tell you, *|FNAME|*, if I can you can!

Janine Kelbach

The Money!

I was asked this month to really share the MONEY side of WriteRN, and you know what…I was scared. I don’t know why, maybe because we are told to keep our salaries secret in the nursing industry, even from each other. Maybe it was because I don’t feel like I should earn money for being at home with my boys…either way…It is motivating, so you know what….here it is!

October Write RN Income

october income report

Total – $1581 ← I didn’t hit my target, but that is OK!

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Until Next Time….

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