September Recap for WriteRN + Income Report + 1:1 Coaching Special

Hey, there fellow freelancers! It’s time to look back at or milestones and gather them in a September recap! September is here, and so is the recap! Can you believe we are heading into FALL? One thing I love about Ohio is the seasons changing. Though summer is my favorite, fall is close behind. It is my favorite hiking time, which is when I reflect a lot on my business.

What do you do to reflect on your business?

September Recap for WriteRN

It's a monthly September recap time! Take a look at what I made as a part time freelancer in the month of September!

September was great! I was able to go on vacation to Florida (even with hurricane Irma), we went to the gulf side and had the best year of weather we have ever had. I was able to get so much work done and enjoy myself (a lot). That is what I love about this freelance writing side job. Let me give you the overall feel of my wins on this September recap and not so cool moments income report. A quick run down, I gained some different types of freelance work with a client who I have been working with for a few years. He is the CEO of a large company and needs a case management type of help. I also did some virtual assistance work for my sister and her company. Also, I am starting a research study with a nurse researcher, as well as became a beta tester for a neat platform called WriteBoost.

Recap of September!

My September Recap for Motivation: My Wins 2  VA type of clients gained Wins:

Bummer moments I do a lot of blogging, and believe it or not, these income reports give the most traffic. I believe it is because people are curious, and people want to know if they can do it. Let me tell you, if I can you can do it. Not so cool times:

Sharing is Caring

Some podcasts I like this month:

When I am at last month? Read Write RN August 2017 Recap + Added $700 to my income + 2 More Clients! Care to share your September recap with us?

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